My 1 year old African Grey Parrot Has started to bite me very hard.

by Debbie

Can any one help me,I have a very tame African Grey,He has never bitten me up until just recently,The bites are very hard,and very fast mostly with out warning,He does drew blood every time,I am now very weary of him,which i am sure he senses,The first time It happened,was when I was going out and told him to step up,ready to put him in his cage,he just bit my hand hard,I pulled away,shocked,as blood dripped.

Now if I try to get him to step up to remove him from some thing he should not be doing,he just lunges straight in biting,and not just once,he will lunge repeatedly,At the first bite I did react,I shouted at him and put him in his cage,telling him he was bad,I know this was wrong,as I made a drama out of It,but It did hurt.

Is this a testing thing,or Is the grey going to be a aggressive parrot.I also own a Galah cockatoo,Brought the same time as the Grey,but the two have never got on that great,They are let out together and keep there distances from each other,Could the Grey be over jealous of the Galah.It Is a shame as this biting has spoilt,the trusting relationship I had with my Grey.Please help me some one.

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Aug 04, 2018
by: Joyce

I have a African Grey named pepper God knows I love him to death. I have had him for 17 years he was 7 when I got him. The first few years we had in hates it on the table to eat dinner with us he loved hanging upside down could playing on my shoulder he would even ride on my shoulder with the window down and my. I'm raising my grandkids I've had the littlest one since he was a teeny baby but pepper didn't seem to mind them he lets them give him treats of course I'm scared to touch him hell I don't blame them. he always it's dinner with us him on top of his cage and we sit at the table it's not big enough for him to fit on there too anyway I went to give him a gave him a treat last night a piece of a hot dog he went off on me like never before he pierced my forefinger he bit my little finger so bad it's purple and blood was everywhere. The reason I got bit so many times is cuz I tried to do the push back he'll the harder I tried the harder he bit I didn't scream I didn't holler I was trying to be calm I just went in the living room and cried for a minute he ate me up I don't know what's wrong with him I don't know what to do please help me my husband hates my husband.
My husband thinks I should give him away but after 17 years I got to figure out how to fix this I love him so much he talks like crazy he laughs like me I take him to the vet he wants to be on my shoulder as close to me as he can but at home his sometimes he'll let me Pat his head most the time he won't even put his head down for me now. If there's anything you can help me with please please get in touch with big mama in carova at thank you for at least looking at this for me I don't know what to do

Nov 02, 2017
1 year old African grey stopped letting me stoke him
by: Kerry

Hi guys I need some help I have had my African grey (CYRIL) since he was 12 weeks old I was hand feeding him and had a very close relationship with him. I'd ask for scratches he'd put his head right down and I could scratch him he's a very good talker he's just turned 1 in August.In the past week he's stopped putting his head down and trying to bite me wen I try stroke him,if I ask for scratches he says f..k off !! Not nice I no but I really do t want to lose the bond I have and never be able to stroke him again.ive tried the strong NO advice I've been given it that doesn't work would be very appreciated for any information thankyou

Sep 30, 2011
Thank you every one for your help.
by: Anonymous

Hi,I went to my local vet,My Grey had a few test done,I was told he was well,So I am pleased about that.The Grey Is still biting,more in fact.I try to avoid the bites as best I can,He does show in body language now that he Is going to bite.I have brought some recommended books,to read,as I do want to nip this In the bud,and continue a good relationship with my Grey.It Is easier said then done about,you going into the bite,I did manage to do this and it worked,Imagine my surprise,when the next time he bite me, it dident. Is It possible that I could have a not so nice parrot,Or can this biting be broken in all parrots.Thanks for all your help,but don't stop,the more help or ideas the better please.

Sep 07, 2011
African Grey biting
by: Tracie

You may need to get professional, in person, help for this since you have two big birds. We have some information on our Parrot Training page that may also help you.

It could be jealousy, it could be ill and grumpy, it could be hormonal. If your bird has not seen an avian vet for it's yearly checkup, then Find an Avian Vet for your bird to make sure it is not ill.

Sep 07, 2011
My 1 year old African Grey Parrot Has started to bite me very hard.
by: Linda

I'm very sorry to hear about your troubles, and will try and help if I can. Your bird needs to have a thorough exam by an Avian Vet in your area. When a bird's behavior changes suddenly like this, it is a signal that something can be physically wrong, so have bird examined for infections and have some general bloodwork done to see if there are any viral infections and to see how organs are functioning.

Once bird has been examined, if he needs meds, then make sure he gets all of those and is doing better. You could find that the problem is better or gone. In case he is still being aggressive, you will need to begin some training. There are some materials on this site, and the net is full of ideas as well. For my input, I suggest you pick him up with a perch or wooden dowel to keep him at a distance from you. Give him the UP request using a stick instead of your hand. Until he stops biting, pick him up in this way only.

One tip about parrot bites is to GENTLY MOVE INTO THE BIRD/BITE instead of pulling away. I know this sounds almost impossible to do, and it IS possible. When working closely with him, EXPECT to be bitten,steel your mind and your resolve to remain calm, and you will overcome the jerk back reaction. The reason for moving gently into the bite is that bird will ease up or let go, and you will not suffer such a terrible injury. Pulling back rips skin and can make a pretty deep injury. So remember to not react, move gently into bird's chest area, and you'll feel the bird letting go as this will be a surprise move bird does not expect. Once all the fun goes out of biting, your bird is ready for some real training work.

Back in the 70's husband and I tamed and trained wild-caught parrots of all sizes and species. Moving into a bite was a skill that had to be learned or risk having serious damage to hands and fingers. It is hard to control the jerk back reflex, and it can be done as I've had to learn to do it. Bites are much less severe, and bird loses whatever charge he's getting from doing it at the same time.

Take care and keep us informed on how your bird is doing,


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