my 1 yearold amazon parrot has a musty smell

by Eva Ruoss
(Stuttgart Germany)

i have had her only 5 days is this normal for these birds and if yes is there anything I can do to counteract it?

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Mar 10, 2011
my 1 yearold amazon parrot has a musty smell
by: Linda

Thanks for writing in because your new bird has to be examined for an Avian(bird) Vet in your area within the first week of coming into your home. No, it is not normal for birds to smell musty, and this could be an indication of an infection in your bird which will not go away until kind of infection is diagnosed by avian vet and correct medications are prescribed also by an avian vet.

We recommend all new birds be examined by avian vet within the first few days to a week of being in our homes because birds in pet stores contract infections from being thrown togethr with other birds, and these infections are highly contageous. Birds can also come into stores with infections if they have not been properly cared for by breeder, and there are many in this category. Lots of breeders feed low quality all seed diets and will not take sick birds to avian vet because feeding high quality food and seeking medical services when needed cuts into the profit margin, and since they are only in it for the money, end of a very sad story.

So, take your bird to avian vet and have a throat swab done to check for bacterial infection, bloodwork done to check for viral infection and to see how organs are functioning. When we bring birds into our homes, we are making a commitment to see to their needs which means offering high quality organic pellets, fresh organic fruit and veggies if we can find them, and providing medical services when needed. Trip to the avian vet is a must for new birds who can be harboring many kinds of infections or conditions that can and do kill them.

Thanks for writing and let us know what your avian vet has to say.


Mar 09, 2011
Musty Amazon Parrot
by: Tracie

Yes, Amazon parrots are known for having a musty smell. Some people actually grow to like it. I don't know what is available in Germany, but in the US people purchase Avi-x Bird Rain sometimes.

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