my 12 month old lory poos yellow

by Lea

my 12 month old lorikeet poos yellow. what can i give him to harden and change the color.

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Sep 17, 2009
lory poo
by: Linda

PLEASE DO NOT GIVE HIM ANYTHING LIKE A HOME REMEDY. This sounds like he may have a bacterial infection and will have to go an Avian Vet in order to be diagnosed and treated.

If he eats a lot of fruit, more than 10% of diet, then that can also cause problems.Since Lory's eat fruit, I'm not sure in this case how much is too much. The color may indicate a liver or pancreas problem, so a trip to an Avian Vet is an absolute must in this case.

I would take him to an Avian Vet if you can as bacterial infections do not go away, and they will get worse and worse until the bird is too weak to go on.

For now, make sure all food is solid which means no runny fruit or people food. If he has an infection, this will not cure it, just help a little until he can start on some medicine.

What you are describing is NOT normal, so take him to vet if possible. Do not give any home remedies for people or animals as these can and do kill birds all the time.


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