My 13&1/2 year old lovebird (female died) Why?

by Jyoti Desai
(At present visiting NY, USA)

I had a female lovebird since she was 3 months old for past 13 1/2 yrs and was very very active and bonded to me the most. Whenever I used to go away for abt 2 months she would pluck the feathers. 2 1/2 months ago when I could not hold her for 10 days she plucked most of her feathers (all in front, under wings and over upper legs) and with my lot of attention and some drops prescribed by the vet and applying aloe vera gel all her feathers came back in abt 2 weeks. Now I came to USA abt 1 1/2 back and she started plucking her feathers since last monday and she used to be drowsy most of the day but used to eat and drink during the day. In last two days she had also started picking on her skin my husband advised me. She lived all these years with my 4 other birds and she was given attention from my maids in my absence.

She died last night and I feel very guilty abt her dying and can't eat anything as I am very heart broken. She was closing and opening her eyes and seemed to have breathing difficulty my husband says and she died last night within 10 minutes of my husband noticing the last condition described.
What do you think she died of? Pls answer me as soon as you can. For me it is an urgent situation.
Thanks and best regards,

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Sep 02, 2012
Lovebird died
by: Tracie

I am very sorry for your loss. Your bird lived a long life for a lovebird. It could be that your bird died because it had lived out it's life. It could be that your bird had an illness that only an avian vet might be able to diagnose.

There is no way to diagnose what may have been wrong or why the bird died without an necropsy being done.

No matter what it seems as if the bird was loved and cared for during it's time with you. ((hugs))

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