My 19month old Ringneck is suddenly agressive and attacking me with out cause, why?

by Belinda Rossouw
(Durban, South Africe )

This morning, my Ringneck suddenly started attacking the cage when I tried to open the door.
This is extreamly odd behavour as this morning was the first time ever I have received a bit from it that drew blood.
It has always been very gentle and not agressive at all?

What do I do?
There has not been any major change of enviroment or cage possition that my have sparked off this type of reaction from it?

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Oct 16, 2010
3month old dirds
by: Anonymous

Hai .I have two 3month old ring necks that still struggle to eat on their own. Their quit able to do every a bird should do, but I can see their hungry. So when I want to give them food (Vplus baby food) they get uncomfortable and fly out of my hands, hurting themselves in the proses .There is always seed,pellets,fruit, veggies available for them. I don?t know why they want to fly each time I want to feed them? It?s like they are rejecting me?

Apr 16, 2010
by: Belinda


Just wanted to give you all a follow up feed back.

After adding 3 x extra mirrors to Poppit's cage there was a noticeable reduction in the aggressive behavior towards me and he/she seemed to be come less protective over the cage.

There is still a lot of screaming going on and this I have just accepted as natural behavior and try to down play it whilst encouraging sounds that are more acceptable.
Poppit has a fair vocabulary already and with continued responds from me to comments and during the day leaving either my TV on or Radio seems to be adding to it almost daily. I will admit that most of it I have no clue what he/she is trying to say, but appreciate the attempts more that the screaming noise.

I would like to thank you for your web site as the post by your followers have been a constant source of solace to me over these try times of which I refer to as Poppit's Puberty stage.

Apr 01, 2010
by: Belinda

Thank you Linda, this was most helpfull and pretty much what I figured it to be.

I'm am currently single, thus this behaviour is not due to a partner being a 'better mate'.

I have purchased two extra mirrors for the cage and this has seem to some what reduce the agression.

Is this just a faze? Will this be like with humans only for a few days every month lik PMS or is it boing to be for the period of breeding season?

I do not wish to give my bird away. And in all honesty I think my bird is a boy not a girl, as I am starting to detect a slight ring and there are small hairs/eyelashs which I have been told only show on Males and not females.

Mar 26, 2010
suddenly agressive and attacking me with out cause, why?
by: Linda

Your bird has reached sexual maturity, and if bird is female,she is jealous of your relationship with the man of the house because she has determined he is a very good possible mate. This is not meant to be funny, and sadly is very, very true. This does not mean you have to run out and buy a male bird, but it does mean you will need professional training help to deal with this. You might want to read the information on the Parrot Training page.

Your bird also needs to be taken immediately into be checked by an Avian Vet. Not a dog and cat vet, an Avian Vet. There is also a link here to help find one and/or you can ask regular vet if they know of someone in your driving area. Phone books or city government offices may be able to help as well. She needs to be given a clean bill of health, and you can also talk with vet about this problem and see what they have to say about it.

It would not hurt to get another bird of a similar size and put it in its own cage as a companion for your Ringneck. Both birds' primary flight feathers (6 long feathers at end of wings) need trimming so they cannot fly all over the place, and new bird has to go to vet as well. Anytime both birds are out of cages, someone needs to be right there ALL THE TIME TO WATCH AND MAKE SURE NO FIGHTING OCCURS.

You can work through this, AND you will need additional help doing so. I had this happen with a Ringneck rescue some years ago. She was handfed baby and sweet as she could be until sexual maturity and then she turned on me. Husband thought I was making it all up because she would be so lovey dovey to him. Soon as he left for work, her eyes would glint and pin, and the attacks would begin. I gave her to a fellow bird club friend, and they put her with a male and she started breeding and raising babies immediately. You are facing what all parrot owners face to some degree or other when their sweet handfed babies turn into monsters at sexual maturity. This is normal behavior as these birds are not domesticated and will remain wild in their souls for many more years maybe into the hundreds of years.

Keep us posted on your progress and don't give up on her just yet unless you know a breeder willing to take her. Make sure she has been cleared by an Avian Vet before placing her anywhere.


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