my 2 ringnecks yawn a lot is it sick?

by kawlin sethi
(england london)

my 2 indian ringecks have been yawning a lot and have been quite since 2 days, they haven't even said a word
is this worrying?
could this be deadly?

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Jan 24, 2010
Yawning birds
by: The Avian Vet

Birds yawn a couple of times daily and this is normal. Persistent yawning can be an indication of a problem. Probably not life threatening, but should be looked at as soon as possible.

Dr B

Jan 23, 2010
my 2 ringnecks yawn a lot is it sick?
by: Linda

It indicates they may have an infection. Yawning in birds is like humans--it either means we're not getting enough oxygen or are very tired or both. In either case, you need to take your birds to an Avian Vet in your area soon as you can.

The fact they are quiet and low energy is one of the most prominent signs of sick birds, so do not delay taking them in. The next thing that will happen is they'll be eating less and then not at all if they have infections. It can be deadly if you do nothing, and if you go ahead and take them to be checked for infections--bacterial/viral, Avian Vet will give you medicine for them and hopefully all will be well. Have the Avian vet also do some basic bloodwork for both of them as well to make sure there isn't something wrong in internal organs. Basic bloodwork would be a CBC or Complete Blood Count, BUN and a Liver test to make sure everything is working as it should be. If all shows to be in normal range, then they'll get over any infections they may have with the addition of medicines. When test results are ready, they may show a rise in the white blood cell count from the CBC if they have infections. Have your Avian Vet take a swab from their throats to test for bacterial infections as only doing the anal one is unreliable by itself, and both areas need to be swabbed and compared. The correct medicine cannot be given without knowing exactly what kind of bacteria is present.

Please take them to an AVIAN VET and not a dog and cat vet as they are not licensed and trained to diagnose and treat birds so can make matters worse for you and your birds.

Thanks for writing,

PS Thanks also for being concerned enough about your birds to ask the right questions. Very proud to know you, and let us know what vet has to say.

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