My 8 year old blue crowned conure


Blue Crowned Conure

Blue Crowned Conure

I have recently purchased my blue crowned conure from a pet store. He was from an owner who had cancer and couldn't care for him any longer. He took to me very quickly. He enjoys his rubbies. He does say hello, will whistle at you. When he eats he says mmmmmmmm. He will also listen to music with me and hum along.

Here is my problem. When on his cage or his standing perch he will squawk all day. He has only learned a few things from us like the humming and ckicking, the rest he knew when we got him. He just seems to want to be on you all of the time and will not sit in his cage at all.

I am thinking the owner didn't let go of him. But when he is always on you he will bite and seems unhappy also. I have tried several new toys in his cage and that hasn't worked.

Also another thing he does. Is he will not poop in his cage. He will hold it all night and then in a morning when I take him out of his cage he will let out a bomb. He has no problem doing it on his standing perch, or on us. Does that mean something's wrong.Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I love this little guy, but I need some help
Riley's momma

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Apr 14, 2011
Blue crown too old for learning new words?
by: Tracie

Your bird can still learn new words to repeat. We find that some birds pick up on new words better than others, so all you can do is try.

Our BC learned "weeee, do it again" just because we always said that when he slid down his toy hook. We certainly didn't try to teach him that! LOL But then there were other things we wanted him to say that he never learned.

I think the key, is the positive reinforcement. If they think it will get them the attention they want, they will do it. That is why you can use this for your advantage, by teaching a new "trick" to replace a loud screech, for instance. (See our Parrot Training page for more on this.)

Apr 14, 2011
8 year old blue crowned conure
by: Riley's mom

That is good information. If he is 8 is he still young enough to train more words too?

Apr 13, 2011
Loud conure poops only outside cage
by: Tracie


Actually, your bird would eventually go in his cage, but some birds have the instincts of wild birds and do not want to poop where they sleep. I am told that it alerts predators that they are there. (Just what I read, not for sure of the facts.) Regardless, some birds do this and it is not a problem.

Blue Crowns can be LOUD for sure. My BC did everything loud. He talked loud, played loud and screamed loud when he wanted our attention. Boy was he a fun bird though. :-) You can read our story and others on our Conure page. Scroll tot he bottom and you will see links to conure stories.

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