by Heather
(Santa fe)

My amazon Parrot is 82 yrs old, and recently got very lathargic and stoped eating his favorite food and barley eats or drinks. Could he be dying of old age?

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Aug 24, 2010
by: Linda

Well, he is very old even in Amazon terms as they usually only live to around 70-75. Please DO NOT COUNT HIM OUT just yet, as he may just have an infection or other physical problem that needs to be seen to by an Avian Vet in your driving area. Take him ONLY to an Avian Vet and not a regular dog and cat vet as they will kill him for sure as they are not licensed or trained in the care of birds and especially old ones.

Have some general bloodwork done to see how kidneys, liver, thyroid and parathyroid are functioning and a CBC to see if blood shows infection of any sort. You have to do this for him because he could be in pain if he has an infection or if one of his organs are failing. You may end up having to have him euthanized, but only if he is in pain and needs to be released from his old, painful body. Do what your heart tells you to do, and think ONLY of him and not yourself here, and you will do the right thing whatever it turns out to be.

Give him all the love and support in his old age as you have for the rest of his life, and he will continue to love and trust you as he always has.

Let us know how this goes after you see an Avian Vet, and am sending my heartfelt thanks for your loving and caring for this bird all these years, as each parrot, regardless of size, is a treasure to be honored, loved and respected for all their days. You are very fortunate to have spent so much time with him, and don't forget, there are many, many parrots looking for a loving home, so keep your heart open even after this Dear One does finally pass on. We can make a difference, one bird at a time, and when one passes, there are many waiting for a chance at a decent life with a decent, loving person.


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