my 9mth old rainbow lorikeet is nuts

by sophie
(gold coast ,qld,aus)

my 9 mthold rainbow lorikeet is losing feathers ,what seem to be bay ones but also some feathers are looking weird..he has also become territorial over certain things ..he gets nasty and sqwarks and sounds like he is swearing at me in particular :( its hilarious but he will bit to and chase whats going on?

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Mar 25, 2013
by: Alex

I agree with Tracie.

Molting is a stressful time for a bird and yes they can become agressive due to the stress and do not like to be handled so much.

Also parts of him will become very tender and sore as new feathers come through so be careful otherwise you may hurt him and he will certainly bite

Just leave your bird to do things on his own terms.

There is nothing you can do if he is molting and you just have to be patient and it will pass.

You could try and soothe him using tepid water in a sray bottle and if he is comfortbake wirth it spray him a little bit every now and again. Or you can buy soother spray. On the left hand side of this page under the header "shopping" click on "parrot supply store" and then click on "AVIx products."

Your Lorikeet is now a teenager and will act like one too.

During molting you should never see bald patches as the feathers fall out at different times.

If you notice bald patches see an avian vet

Otherwise, just bear with your bird during the stress and teenage hormones that come with an adolescent molting bird.

IMPORTANT: New feathers coming through will be "blood feathers" and will have a blood supply until they have grown fully and if broken can be very painfiul and loss of blood is serious. If this happens, use cornflower or styptic powder and get it to an avian vet who can pull the feather. If the blood will not stop, get a pair of tweezers and in one sharp hard pull, remove the feather and use a gauze or lint free clean cloth or towel to stop the bleeding. Bear in mind this will hurt, but will save its life.

NUTRIRTION: Make sure your bird is eating 70-80% organic pellets with 20-30% healthy treats like seeds, nuts fruit and vegetables.

Harrison's and Roudybush are avian vet recomended and my budgies love Harrison's.

I am not sure where the links are for the conversion advice from Dr B is, but someone will be able to provide it for you.

Editor's note: Here it is:
Switching Birds To Pellets article
Budgie, Lory & Eclectus diets

Mar 24, 2013
Bird losing feathers
by: Tracie

The bird could be molting, if you are not seeing bare spots on the bird. If you are seeing places without feathers, then it needs to be seen by an avian vet.
Find an Avian Vet link

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