my african gray decided to make this terrible sound

by annette spadaro
(florida,clearwater united stated)

How do I get her to understand I hate it, and break it I've tried to say no or stop, I loose my temper she has no clue why how do I get her to understand how much it irritates me with out knowing what she's done wrong. I need your advice.

I can say she started making this new obnoxious noise when we moved to florida where she lives out on the lenigh. She is 18 I had her since shes been 6 weeks old she deffinitley loves me and would never bite me I have been trying to spend quality time with her patting her and what have you forget getting her a male what else ya got?

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Aug 15, 2011
my african gray decided to make this terrible sound
by: Linda

Sounds like she may have picked this up by being outside all the time. Greys will pick up and repeat any and all noises, and they will be perfectly repeated too. Move her inside which could help a great deal. She'll still pick up any noises she likes, but inside what she hears will be more limited. Try playing some soft music, mot rock and roll or anything that gets her upset, just some quiet, soothing music at a low level. This could help her to trade the bad noise for a nice soft music noise.

Also, after you've moved her into the house, spend some time out on your patio amd see if you hear the noise she's been making. She has heard it out there, and likes it especially when it makes you so upset. Unfortunately, birds like to get reactions from us whether it is from biting, making strange loud noise or just playing games when it's time to be serious. They love to see our faces red and us out of control as it provides a very good show for them. Don't lose your temper because you are putting yourself directly into her wings and under her control. Play some nice music maybe the classical piano stuff, just make it quiet. She'll even eventually start singing some of it to you.

Most importntly, is to move her into house because she may not like being out there all the time as most birds wish to be with their family all the time.

Thanks for writing and good luck, keep calm, cool and collected, and you may find she makes the noise less anyway. Music, Music, Music! This is trading bad for good, and the Greys are quite capable of singing any music they hear and like. Like is the important part, so make sure music is soothing to the savage beast inside all our parrots.


Aug 13, 2011
African grey making unwanted noise
by: Tracie

If making this noise gets your attention, then THAT may be why she does it. She may wish to be with you more and has found a way to get you to come.

Please read the training material on our Parrot Training page that explains how to replace an unwanted noise or behavior with something you prefer. It takes a lot of time and patience, but it can be done.

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