my african grey biting and me

3 years ago,I bought an african grey. It was the most friendly bird in the whole world. Unfortunately she couldn't eat so we took her to a parrot doctor to teach her how to eat on her own.

when she came back, she was very angry with everyone. she bited whoever was next to her, she startad screaming very loudly and also she was pulling her fethers. i don't know what do do! please help me. i'm scared of her.

I tried giving her treats but nothing happened. A year ago she calmed down a bit but she is still very nervous and hysterical. please help me.

PS. is that she leaves at my dad's shop rather than my home?

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Dec 26, 2011
Bird biting you
by: Tracie

If your bird does not see you enough and doesn't bond with you or anyone else, then it will have these issues. African Greys have a reputation of being scared of everything, and sometimes bond with only one person.

African Greys also seem to have good memories, and will remember if someone scares or hurts them. One time my mother's AG bit me, because I was not paying attention to it's body language that was telling me it wanted to be put back on it's play stand. I reacted by jerking my hand it was sitting on and the bird flew to the floor. It never trusted me again.

I believe if I lived at my mom's home, I could have worked with the bird to gain it's trust again, but because I did not spend much time with the bird, it threatened to attack me every time I came over.

So if you have ever scared the bird, then you will need to spend as much time as possible with the bird to gain it's trust.

We have some training articles you can read on our Parrot Training page that may be of some help to you.

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