My African Grey is leaning on her left side and limping

by Chris
(New Jersey)

My African Grey is leaning on her left side and limping on her left leg. We're very close and notice anything different. Otherwise she is happy singing, eating and playing for the most part.

Don't know if this has anything to do with it but we did go through some stress the past week and I have been also introducing more different variety of the usual organic foods she and I eat.

Also, two years ago, she lost control of her legs, I took her immediately to the vet hospital and soon as she was away from me in another room she was better.

Hormones, low blood calcium or an injury???

Thanks so much, Chris

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Feb 12, 2010
african grey 6mnths old, lost use of one leg
by: zara

hi, this sounds just like my african grey she has stopped using her left foot and is limping on one foot, i have been back and fourth from the vets (avain specialists), they just can't answer what it is, her bloods and x rays came back fine, can anyone help, as they said they will have to amputate her leg, if she doesn't get better in 6 weeks. Does anyone have any remedies or advice for me please.

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Feb 07, 2010
by: Chris

Pretty sure Harrisons Pellets has soy in it and charges her hormones causing more issues. I do get organic Top Pellets and mix them in her diet.

Thanks, Chris

Feb 07, 2010
Thank you so much
by: Chris

Thank you so much for your input. Let me give more thourough history...

In 1999 she had a lump under belly in her undercarriage area, they were unfertilized eggs, three to be exact, and the vet surgically removed them and gave her a hysterectomy at the same time. My Doctor's name is Dr. Michael Doolen of Oakurst Vet in NJ. We've been getting her hormone shots every six months to a year since this.

In 2006 when she had the loss of movement in her leg she was fine within 10min after I brought her to the vet hospital when she was in a waiting room away from me. The blood work at the time showed calcium levels that were fine along with everything else.

Last month when she started limping on her left leg and hunching over/leaning was during a stressful time when we were moving. I then, last month, of course went back to the vet had her examined by Dr. Doolen. Blood work was fine. Most likely, he thinks it's a soft tissue after examining her and she's on an anti-inflammatory I give her every night and it's been helping.

The limp has been 90% gone up until today she jumped twice in the last 24 hours and landed okay but now she's limping pretty bad now on the right leg. I'm calling the vet tomorrow.

Any further ideas?

btw- she's on fruits, nuts, veggies, grains and sunflower seeds, all organic...I try to balance it out as best I can. Leafy greens have been trouble as they charge her hormones...I still get them to her in balanced amounts through each week.

Thank you so much, Chris

Dec 21, 2009
African Grey limping
by: The Vet

My first guess would be a calcium deficiency. Is your bird eating mostly pellets? If not then a calcium deficiency is the most likely cause. Although other differentials include internal masses or swellings, especially the kidney and gonads; the presence of an egg; or even trauma or injury to soft tissue of the leg. This is something that should be seen by an avian veterinarian.

If your bird is not eating pellets, then you need to switch her. Harrison's is the best because it is organic and it contains essential fatty acids not found in other formulated diets. Pellets should be 80% of the diet, with 20% treats, mostly fresh vegetables and nuts. Then, I recommend that you have your bird examined and x-rayed by an avian veterinarian. I would also recommend that you have blood work done. Diagnostics are important to determine the cause of the leg paresis, then appropriate treatment can be administered.

Dr B

Dec 21, 2009
My African Grey is leaning on her left side and limping
by: Linda

Chris, you will need to take her back to your Avian Vet as this sounds like it is related to the other incident of loss of use of her legs. This may be the beginning. Also, you did not say what vet said about the other time, like a diagnosis. Find out this time what is wrong with your bird and ask for a treatment plan to keep this from happening in the future. At least find out what their diagnosis is and what you can do about it.

This is beyond anything we can do or say, so please make an appointment with your Avian vet before she loses use of both legs again.

Thanks for Writing and Happy Holidays to you and Family from Ours,

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