My African Grey Parrot is ll :(

i have an african grey parrot, who has never fallen ill and now 2 weeks back started getting loose motions , after we visited a vet this stopped post him taking some meds but he has lost his appetite completely and is only drinking glucon c water , suddenly last night he started vomitting, however all morning today he has been kinda stable , no vomitting at all but the poor bay refuses to eat anything. Any suggestions ? as we do not have an avian specilist here to help us .

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Sep 06, 2008
Find an avian vet
by: The Vet

I am sorry but there is nothing that I can suggest. The symptoms you describe could be caused by infections, intestinal blockage, heavy metal poisoning, and several other illnesses. Each of these are treated (and diagnosed) differently and treatment should not be recommended until a diagnosis is made. This is a complicated case and you need to have someone see your bird who can do diagnostics such as blood work, x-rays, etc. You do not need a specialist, but at least a veterinarian who sees birds in their practice; even if you have to drive some distance.

Dr B

Sep 06, 2008
What meds?
by: Tracie

What is "loose motions" and what medicine did the vet give your bird?

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