My African Grey suddenly died, why?

by Sally Edwards

3 weeks ago we bought a 4 and a half mounth old African Grey parrot, he was bought very cheap as he'd been born with a 'deformed' leg. His left foot curled, where he should have two toes forward and two toes back this was never the case, he'd sometimes have three forward or one forward and so on....
He suddenly died 3 weeks later! We're all heartbroken.

He had more han what he needed, we even boild his fresh water for him everyday!
He suddenly became very quiet and uninterested in anything but was still eating and drinking. Then he stopped eating and drinking and went down hill VERY fast, died that evening infact.

I mention his foot in hope you'll tell me that it could of been something undeveloped inside him like his foot and that it was out of our hands.
I'm 18, we have lots of pets. Stayed off college today totally heartbroken, kicking myself that it's my fault.
I know it's not alot to go on but this is worth a try for me.
Thanks very much for your time.

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Nov 10, 2011
My African Grey died suddenly why?
by: Anne

Please DO NOT blame your self. Did you take it to an Avian vet when you got your bird?
Did it come from a reputable breeder if so then I would go back to them telling them what has happened.
From what you say I would say that possibly your bird's deformity was from Inbreeding & the fact you say you bought it "cheap" as well sort of leans that way.
I'm so sorry.

Nov 10, 2011
African grey died suddenly
by: Tracie

I am so sorry for your loss. It is very possible that this bird had other internal problems that went along with his external problems. The breeder may be breeding inferior birds that have health problems too.

I suggest that you do NOT purchase another bird without either you or the breeder taking it to an avian vet first. Reputable breeders take their birds to avian vets to make sure their birds are healthy. Breeders just in it for a buck, and could care less about the birds, will just breed and breed and make money any way they can.

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