My Alexandrine parrot dosen't make a sound.

by Susie
(Devonport Tasmania Australia.)

I have a 12wk old Alexandrine and he doesn't make a sound. Is this normal we have had him for 2wks he eats and sometimes plays with his ropes and toys. Will step up onto your hand and shoulder and very friendly but doesn't say anything not a sound. Can someone pls tell me why and what might be wrong?

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Dec 26, 2009
My Alexandrine parrot dosen't make a sound.
by: Linda

New birds are very much afraid of all the new people and things in their lives and tend to be quieter than normal. The fact that he's eating and playing some sounds good, and him allowing you to handle him sounds even better.

Even so, he should be making some kind of sounds, just not talking, singing an such. I highly recommend you take him to an Avian Vet in your driving area and have him checked for infections/parasites, etc. Birds' immune systems are compromised by stress when being moved to new homes and the babies are especially prone to bacterial infections under these circumstances. It shouldn't cost a lot to have him checked to make sure he is healthy. After that, you can just give him as much time as he needs to start being more vocal. ALWAYS rule out physical causes before though as he could be sick. Birds try and hide their illnesses because in the wild, a sick bird is a dead bird as they bring predators. Flocks will either drive out a sick one or kill it themselves, so birds will try and mask not feeling well until they are VERY sick.

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