My Amazon has a lump by his rump

by Laura
(Long Island NY)

My 30 year old double yellow headed amazon has a lump by his behind. It doesnt seem to bother him, its on the soft side. He has a fatty tumor under his wing which hasnt changed in years and I was told is normal and can be left alone but this other lump is a concern. I am planning to take him to the vet but am very nervous about surgery for obvious reasons. I got him as a baby in 1981 and he is my baby.

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Mar 25, 2012
older amazon with lump near rump
by: Anonymous

Amazons get fatty tumors many times from a seed diet of sunflowers, etc. pellets are the best diet to feed an amazon with this tendency. And chicken bones, have marrow inside, they love them, but, they too add to this problem. stop any fatty foods, and change slowly to pellets, they have vitamins, etc, and are fruit flavored, but, it is an adjustment, so mix some seeds with pellets, more pellets, and this way the bird will adapt to its new diet. Unless the bump is a benign or malignant tumor, this would have to be diagnosed by a avian vet, of course. Hope I have been of some help.

Amazon lover

Oct 25, 2011
Bird with lump near rump
by: Tracie

Unfortunately the only way to know what this lump is, is for you to take your bird to the avian vet and have it tested. Dr B can not tell without doing the same. He suggests that you Find an Avian Vet if your vet is not an avian vet.

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