My Amazon hates my husband

by Susan

Kiko, Amazon Parrot

Kiko, Amazon Parrot

I recently adopted an Amazon Parrot who is fine with me but when he see's my husband, he goes nuts and tries to attack him, any thoughts?

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Aug 02, 2008
Amazon hates husband
by: Tracie

Birds sometimes pick a person they like and just don't like anyone else. Sometimes they just don't like a few people. There are some things you can do to try to help the situation.

When my bird suddenly decided that he hated me and loved my husband, my husband turned the situation around by showing his disapproval to the bird.

Since the bird wanted my husband's approval, my husband would get Buddy, our bird, and bring him near me. Once Buddy lunged to bite me, my husband would draw Buddy back and glare at him. He would also say "noooooo" in a calm, low voice and put him back in the cage and leave the room.

After a couple of weeks of this, Buddy quit biting me. I of course respected that Buddy did not prefer me and did not push myself on him at all. I DID offer him treats that only I would give him. ;-) Now he likes me, but he still prefers my husband and daughter over me.

Please read our training articles, I have more information there.

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