my amazon parrot seems to want a mate.

my amazon parrot flattens her body like invitation to breed, but only with me. What can I do to stop it.

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Jul 15, 2013
great response
by: chaydel

I like your response, John. Very real. ch

Jul 14, 2013
My trouble with Toby
by: Edwina

I have spoiled Toby as we live alone and when she is out of her cage she does as she please. She will try to make a nest but only until she get tired of it and decided she wants to do some other tearing up. I can't trust she out of my sight as she will chew on any wood. She has a big cage and lots of toys. She is just a spoiled bird .
She has a special place in the bath room with lots of old paper and she goes there and ( chuckles). She did lay a egg a few years ago. It is the back rear squatting I don't like.
She does a lot of talking,cries like a baby, meow like a cat, whistling, screeching but never biting me, even though she wants to.. She does make a laughing noise like making fun of me.
How can I stop her doing that squatting thing. Oh yes, I tried water too. Thanks.

Jul 13, 2013
my amazon parrot seems to want a mate.
by: Linda

Your bird does not need a mate. In fact most birds being bred today do not need to be bred.

The behavior you are describing is simple display behavior and does not mean anything except your bird is very loving and trusting toward you. It does not mean you have to run out and get another bird and breed them. Hundreds and even thousands of parrots end up in shelters each year because people do not want them, do not know how to care for them or have simply become tired of them. Some of these so called shelters are hell holes where the birds are starved, not given medical treatment they need and are taken in so money can be extorted from the government for their care with NO government oversight to see that care is given.

For the ones not in shelters, it can be worse. There are so many parrots from breeding that should not be done that parrots end up in horrible homes where they are abused plus neglected by evil people looking for something to hurt where they may get by with it for a long, long time with no law's involvement. Believe me when I tell you that most of the birds being bred around the world and in the us should not be bred. Your bird does not have to breed to be happy. I have a pair of amazons in their mid to late 30's who bred many years' ago and have not been allowed to breed since. They are fine and healthy. They are also wild and so are not handled except to be taken to avian vet when needed. They are in a cage with a divider in the middle so they see each other but do not breed or hurt each other.

Your little bird is showing you great love and trust, and please do not think for one minute she is doing anymore than that. So long as this behavior does not involve biting, there is no reason to be concerned. Understanding your bird is very important and knowing the facts about how breeding is hurting every species of parrot is also important. We are supposedly their caretakers, and we are doing our usual job of screwing it up. Thanks for writing.


Jul 13, 2013
Mating Time?
by: John Fahlsing

Sounds strange but my Blue & Gold gets a little happy too, so I stroke the feathers, let her nibble,
let her enjoy a few moments to relax her. Or, I use a soft spray bottle, clean water and spray her rear areas, Heck even let her have a lower drawer in my end table, shred newspapers and let her nest til she's done. But all in all, as well as my Quaker, I have to, since I'm their Daddy, let them be birds. You don't even want to know what the Male Cockatiel does for himself. Big Grins!

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