My Amazozn bird hates m boyfriend

by Gemma

my dad brought a amazon parrot bird?
she can be lovely but she keeps on screaming at my boyfriend we have to cover her up when hes round She is very aggressive and acutally flew at him the other day when he was next to me;
She likes to scream alot and we dont know how to calm her down shes aged between 2-4


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Nov 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

Instead of covering up the bird cage,...Have you tried covering up your boyfriend? (I'm sure the bird is thinking, 'Hey,.. who was here first!'

Sorry,.. humor solves everything

Oct 28, 2011
My Amazozn bird hates m boyfriend
by: Linda

Amazons tend to pick a favorite human, but that does not mean they won't live happily with other humans as well.

This is a difficult question to answer in that there are not enough facts here. If you've only had your bird for a short time, then it will take time and patience before she trusts anyone as trust is earned not freely given. The fact that she is jealous of your boyfriend could be because she is jealous of time you spend with him. The only way to get this turned around is for the boyfriend to do some of the work with the bird. Like cleaning cage, feeding, watering or giving a few favorite treats. Until your bird begins to trust him, he is seen as a threat to her flock, which is you for now.

The other issue here is wing clipping. All new birds need to be examined by an Avian Vet to make sure they are fit for training. Sick birds do not feel well enough for any kind of training, so before you get into it, have her examined for infections. Feeling a bit off will make birds appear more aggressive. Birds try and hide illness until they can no longer stand up, so have her examined before anything else. Also, have her wings clipped so she can do no "flying into someone" as parrots are exotic wild animals and attacks can become dangerous if left unchecked.

Have Avian Vet clip only the 4-6 long primary flight feathers found at the ends of each wing. Do not let them cut up any higher as this causes chronic pain in bird's wings plus makes them fall like a rock. With just the primary feathers trimmed, she will gently glide down to the floor. The dropping like a rock causes many severe injuries, so just have primary feathers trimmed.

There is some training material on this site, and the internet is full of material to look at. I also suggest you get a book or two about how to care for and understand your new Amazon. Amazons are a bit different from other parrot species. They have a mind of their own, do not like much petting or fondling and will bite you if you do not respect them. They will allow a certain amount of touching as they enjoy this, but when they've had enough, they will sometimes take a finger or your hand and just hold it for a second. This is a warning, so heed it or get bit.

Amazons need love and protection as much as any of the other birds, and once you begin to know and understand your bird's behavior better, you'll be surprised at the level of love, respect and trust your bird will have in you.

So, get the boyfriend to make himself useful and show your Amazon that he likes her. If he does not iike her, then you do have a problem because your bird already knows this.

Thanks for writing,

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