My Austrailian female lovebird

by Diego
(silver spring, Md, Usa)

yesterday at 6/13/09 at 12:00 i came home and wanted to get my birds because i bought them a toy and i saw my female lovebird with a eye bruised i think bruised and i wanted to know if this was a problem

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Jun 15, 2009
my lovebird
by: Diego

Know she looks good and her is not that bruised it almost fine now fo i still take her to the vet

Jun 13, 2009
Bruised Eye
by: Linda

Yes, this is a problem, and whether it is a bruise or an infection, you need to take her to an Avian vet in your area. If you are keeping more than one Lovebird together in a cage, this can also be the result of fighting. If, however, you have not noticed them being unhappy with each other, it can be an infection or she has hurt eye on a toy or some part of cage. Go over all toys and cage carefully as they can get hurt on things we don't even see until we start running hands over and around toys and cage bars. Hopefully, you have them in as large a cage as you can possibly afford with plenty of out of cage time. If birds are left in too small cages together, it can lead to fighting and even worse situations. Lovebirds can be quite aggressive with each other.

If you take her into vet, and she has an infection, the other bird or birds caged with her will need to go in for testing and meds too. The bacteria that causes infections is transferred from one bird to the other if they live together in same cage or sometimes even the same room.


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