my australian perikeet laid 2 eggs

by Anid
(st. hycinthe Quabec Canada)

how long does it take for the to hatch?

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Jan 01, 2010
my australian perikeet laid 2 eggs
by: Linda

Unless you have a pair together, and you've seen them mate, the eggs won't hatch at all. If you are not experienced in breeding, I suggest you start studying about all the aspects involved in breeding birds. It is expensive to set the cage up properly, hand-feeding the birds if necessary can cost, plus there are the vet bills to consider as well. Your birds need to be seen by an Avian Vet BEFORE embarking on a breeding program. Parents with infections/parasites will pass these onto their babies, and infections will kill new babies as their immune systems are not developed.

If you have no male and/or have not seen them mating, I'd throw out the eggs until you are ready to breed. Breeding birds may sound easy, but there are many facets to it that require learning and studying. You will need a cage made for breeding that has an opening for a wooden nest box, you'll need to know how to hand-feed if it becomes necessary, and this is a learned skill.

Depending on size of bird, eggs usually take anywhere between 21-28 days to hatch. Baby birds have to weighed on a gram scale every day. If they don't gain weight every day, then they have an infection and will need to be seen and treated by an Avian Vet. Most people don't make much if any money breeding birds unless they are neglecting their birds in vital areas like high quality food and medical services. Let's put it this way, the market is overloaded with birds, and it is becoming similar to the excess we see in dogs and cats. There are not suitable homes for all these birds, and they end up in neglectful, sometimes abusive homes. Think carefully before doing any breeding, and do your homework before even thinking about it. Once these little lives are here, we are 100% responsible for their health and well-being including finding the best homes we can possibly find for them--not an easy task that.

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