my Baby Abbagail

by Ashley

Green Cheek Conure - she loves to cuddle!

Green Cheek Conure - she loves to cuddle!

My name is Ashley. I have been wanting a conure for years, but I wanted to wait untill I found the right one. I know that a conure is a long commitment so I didn't want to rush into it. I have a job at the petco near my house and was always going and playing with the birds that we had there, but none of them seemed like what would be MY bird. Then, one day after I had been there for about 6 months, Abbagail showed up. She is a Green Cheek Conure, and was hatched on May 18th 2009, which is actually the first day that I started my job!!

As soon as I saw her I knew that she would have to be mine. It did take a month or so before I managed to get the money (I needed enough to buy her, the cage, and the first trip to the vet, everything, so I didn't want to rush) but while she was at the store I went over to her all the time and got to know her, she is amazing! When I finally was able to buy her I took her home, and with her having already seen me all the time at work, it only took about a day or two before she was comfortable with me and her new home. I play with her every day (its been a couple months now) and I am loving her!!

I have long hair, and she LOVES to sit on my shoulder and cuddle under my hair when it is down. The only problem is that sometimes she starts playing with it and im scared she will get stuck, but that hasn't happened yet. (if it does id gladly cut my hair to help the bird!!) She also likes using my glasses as a step so that she can get up on my head. She will sit there and hang out for hours.

The only problem is she is really a one person bird. She loves me and cuddles with me, but she doesn't like anybody else. (but that could be because she doesn't see anybody else often).

All in all, I love my bird and I recommend them for anyone that has the TIME.

P.S. Her favorite treats are dried bananas, and fresh apples. (she likes the crunch of them)

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Apr 16, 2010
my Baby Abbagail
by: Linda

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BIRD IS YOUR ABBAGAIL, AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WRITING TO US WITH YOUR LOVELY STORY! You are a shining example of how bird owners should be as you've done everything right! A vet trip for a new bird is a must and NOT an option, and you did that. Waiting until you were ready for a bird was also very right! A lot of birds are bought as a spur of the moment thing, and the birds suffer because of this. All bird owners need to do their homework as to what kind of bird will work in their home and can they afford everything a bird will need to be healthy and happy!

I'm SO pleased with and proud of you. To socialize your bird to other people, you have to let her get to know other people. This is VERY IMPORTANT as there may be a time when someone else has to take care of her for you. So, ask people over one at a time, and allow her to get used to seeing them BEFORE they try and handle her. ALWAYS GIVE THE BIRD TO A NEW PERSON AND NEVER LET THEM TRY AND PICK HER UP WITHOUT YOU GIVING YOUR PERMISSION. Abbagail trusts YOU, and she will be more likely to go to someone else if you are "giving" her to them.

Work on the socialization as this is important for her health and well being as you may not always be there to care for her for one reason or another.

Thanks So Much for writing to us with this wonderful story of how birds can make our lives so much more happy.


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