My baby alex poop is watery! HELP!

by Abrar ul Hassan
(Karachi, Pakistan)

Alex sitting on a couch

Alex sitting on a couch

Alex sitting on a couch

Good evening everyone,

I have a six week old alexandrine and since past week his poop is watery (uploaded) and he is quite active as usual and is not sitting alone like sick with feathers fluffed (uploaded). But I'm still anxious about him.

N.B.: We have no avian vet in our city!

kindly help me solve my problem I'm very intensified.
Thank you.

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Jun 28, 2017
I have a baby alexandrine too
by: Anonymous

My baby bird has watery poop and poops very often this is because I give him baby formula that’s main ingredient I out in is water. They also poop a lot because it is easily digested

Jun 06, 2012
Re: My baby Alex poop is watery
by: Cathy

I have 5 parakeets who eat spinach every day. They get diarrhea from time to time and it goes away. If Alex's doesn't go away... Check out what your feeding him. Also, make sure when you're washing their water and food bowls you are getting 100% of all the soap off the dishes. Soap causes diarrhea in humans too!

Jun 03, 2012
thanks for suggestions!
by: abrar

thanks alot it was due to high water content in its meal!

Jun 01, 2012
by: Anonymous

I would just like to mention I am NOT the one who placed "find an avian vet' under my post and would like to apologise for this!

The reason I did not do this was because the poster is from Pakistan, not the US.

If you insist on adding your own things to other peoples post then here you go: The Association of Avian Vets: If there are Pakistan vets you will find them here. This is the RIGHT link, look for Pakistan :))

Editor's note: Our "Find an Avian Vet" has vets listed for all around the world AND a link to search for avian vets around the world. Just trying to be helpful. ;-) Also, people for years to come, not in Pakistan, will be coming here to read this post and it will be helpful to them too.

Jun 01, 2012
My baby Alex poop is watery! Help!
by: Anonymous

Many things can be causing the bird to have the runs.

If the bird isn't fully weaned, are you mixing the formula correctly?

If you're starting the bird on solids, he could possibly be not digesting the food correctly, in which case put him back on just formula till it clears and try solids again later.

If you're starting on solids, the bird could be drinking more water to help wash the food down. Causing runny poops.

He could possibly have a bacterial infection in the digestive tract.

Or he can be allergic to something your feeding him. (Sometimes people with stomache issues to foods is caused by allergies. Some stomache meds people use, have an anti-histamine in them. Same can be true for our pets, like my cat)

Thing is, if your bird constantly got runny poops, he can become dehydrated, which can lead to death. If it's occassional runny poops it should be monitored.

Your bird does need to be examined by an avian vet, to get proper exams and meds if needed.
If there is no Avian vet in your city, you may have to find one in a neighboring city like I do.
I have to go 3 cities away to get to ours.

If that's absolutely not possible, then you need to find a vet that will see birds, and has some kind of knowlege about them in your city.

Right now, your bird is losing weight from the runs, and becoming dehydrated. It's crucial he gets seen by a vet. Only a vet can truely determine your birds health care needs.

Good luck.

Jun 01, 2012
by: Anonymous

IF this is only watery poop it's most likely caused by eating with high water content. Fruit and vegetable have a high water content and can often give the runny poop. This isn't harmless.

IF this is diarrhea then I am afraid your bird is sick and does require some veterinary care.

If you don't have a vet just keep an eye on his poop and see if there are any changes. If you give him something like more pellets and less fruit & his poop goes back to 'normal' then that is probably all it was :)

Sorry I can't help any more & good luck with your parrot.

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