My baby conure is constantly biting!

by Julie
(Croydon, UK)



I have only had my baby conure (3 months old) for 3 weeks - but he is constantly biting and drawing blood. Ive now become scared of him!! And im sure he is picking up on this

Someeone suggested i use gloves to get my confidence up. I have done - and i am far more comfortable. However, he is still constantly biting - will he think it of to bite because im not reacting so much with the gloves on?

There is noone else living with us


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Sep 15, 2011
No Bite Bite...
by: Sheila

My baby GCC was nippy for a while at first too. I would tell him "NO Bite Bite" and move my hand a little to unbalance him. Now that he is older he sometiimes still tries to nip but he is so funny because he seems to catch himself and says "No Bite Bite" and blows kisses to me instead of just have to be firm and consistent with whichever "punishment" you decide to use with him...they are very smart and will learn quickly. Remember that baby birds learn about their world just like human babies, by putting everything in their mouths! Best of luck to you!

Sep 14, 2011
Conure biting
by: Tracie

So sorry this is happening! We have some training articles on our Parrot Training page that will help you. Read the "biting green cheeked conure" article first.

Conures are notorious for being nippy. You will have to work at first gaining it's trust, and work at learning it's body language while working on your relationship with your bird.

As you get to know your bird, you will learn what it loves and what it hates. You will leverage what it loves to train it not to bite by giving it what it hates when it bites.

Our bird hated being put back in the cage, so we simply returned the bird to the cage EVERY time it nipped or attempted to nip us. We would turn our back on the cage for a minute or so and then, if the bird wasn't screaming at us, would turn around and talk to the bird about being good as we would bring the bird back out. If it bit, back it went. Eventually it quit biting us all the time. When it did bite, back to the cage it went with a low, calm, "nooooo" being spoken to it so it would learn that "nooooo" means going back to the cage alone.

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