My baby IRN parrot not eating please..

by Misty

I hav a baby 5 week old IRN parrot that is on a heating pad like most people put baby birds on..well this Morning my wife found him on it but he was cold feeling and he didn't want to eat..what's wrong?..please help..I hav hand feed many birds and hav never went through this..please if someone could help me out..Godbless...he has been doing wonderful for the past week in a half we hav had him..he is also splayed leg too which we don't mind..he is perfect in everyday..

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Jul 04, 2012
My baby IRN parrot not eating please..
by: Linda

Hi, I'm Linda and will try to help you.

First of all your bird is sick and must be taken to an Avian Vet ONLY to be examined, diagnosed and treated. It is common for baby parrots to have bacterial infections, and since this one was recently moved, I'm sure he is sick. He will not get well without the services of a licensed and trained avian vet.Talk to avian vet about the splay legs while you're there which will require an xray to see what is what with legs.

Once your bird has all his feathers in, the heating pad will not be needed. The splay legs comes from not having wire to to stand on. This can be fixed by putting some hardware cloth in bottom of his living area. If you're using a box, the wire will need to be bent down on all 4 sides so it stands up from the bottom. Make sure there are no sharp edges bird can get to. The splay legs comes from breeders who do not know what they are doing and can also come from congenetal defects from poor breeding. Birds cannot be inbred, mothers and fathers with their offspring, etc. because there are many physical issues that come from this sloppy type of breeding. Basically, here in the US, most parrots are related in some way because the gene pool is depleted and degraded to such a large degree. This is from too little new genetic material since wild caught birds can no longer be brought into this country which is good for the wild birds and bad for the ones being bred here and abroad.

So, get your bird to avian vet as quickly as possible and talk with them about how to fix up living area with the wire. Get stainless steel hardware cloth with large enough squares where toes can easily come out and not so large that whole foot gets caught in it. Also not so small that a toe gets caught and is injured trying to get it out. Talk with the avian vet about this before doing anything so you can do the right thing for your bird.

Once baby is stable and eating again, know that you can start weaning process at around 3-4 months and plan on weaning bird onto high quality organic pellets like Harrisons found here. Don't bother weaning onto seeds because all seed diets are lacking in basic nutrition like proteins, vitamins and minerals.People feeding all seed diets need to understand they are slowly starving their birds to death plain and simple.Breeding birds in this state causes lots of birth defects both inside and out.

Keep in touch and let us know how your bird is doing.


Jul 03, 2012
Baby IRN not eating and cold
by: Tracie

Hopefully Linda, a lady that reads many of the questions and answers them, will be able to help you. She has been a breeder for over 20 years I believe.

But what you really need to do is Find an Avian Vet to help the bird in person, in my opinion. Your bird may have other defects internally that you can not see, or an infection or something.

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