My baby parakeet is angry

by August

I just got 2 12 week parakeets, one male and one female. When there feeding, the female jabs the male's neck when he reaches for food! Is this normal feeding behavior?

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Jan 01, 2012
I disagree
by: Anonymous

My parakeets so this aswell and it is just the female reminding the male that she is the alpha budgie. You need only seperate them if it results in serious damage or fighting. Keep an eye one them for a few weeks just to be sure.
Of course I am young and have no proffesional experience just the memory of 100s of books and the hope of becoming an avian vet

Jan 01, 2012
Parakeet attacking other parakeet
by: Tracie

No, this is NOT normal. Please separate these birds, they need to be living in separate cages.

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