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May 31, 2011
by: Anonymous

It's not SO rare to get a white budgie, but they are pretty, and you're very lucky to have one.

Feb 13, 2010
by: Waseem

I have seen first time the complete white budgie having black eye. Before I have never seen in Pakistan. In Pakistan, specially in Karachi, a lot of people like to have this pet.

So cute cant explain.

Jan 21, 2010
No way!
by: Angela

A white budgie is not a wierd color at all! It is so pretty! I've been trying to find a white one for years, but I can't! That's okay, though, because now I have my baby boy Pippin, who's blue and yellow. I just adore him!

Mar 10, 2009
by: Taylor

Ok, the comment above, (I typed it, i cant believe that i forgot to mension I have a blue bird aswell! Well, not totally blue, if you look closey behind the white birds in the picture, you will see a blue, black and white bird. I just noticed it now that the blue bird behind the white birds, i have that bird too! I have two birds in the cage. And yes, I got that bird off my nanny aswell! And yes, you MIGHT see that my emil address is (removed, we do not publish addresses), yeah, well my real name is taylor and I don't mind giving away my email address because I have millions of email address's! So please text me and you can ask me questions nd stuff about my birdies! And thanks for the comment below and I would love if you can leave comments! thank you!

Feb 06, 2009
Our White Budgie
by: Jill C

I, too, have a lovely pure white budgie. We named him Angel before we knew his sex. The name still fits. He is our first budgie and a companion bird to our shy green cheeked conure.

They are inseparable and share a cage because they have fits if they don't. I had only seen budgies and parakeets of color and when we first saw this bird, it was apparent he was special. He is so friendly, comes right up and steps up to be moved from cage to feeding station to window perch and back again.

He will sit on my husband's shoulder beside his beloved Greenie for hours. He is such a little copycat to everything the green cheeked conure does and says. If Greenie preens, so does Angel. If Greenie eats, so does Angel. If Greenie wants back in the "house", so does Angel. Thanks for letting me know that a pure white budgie is not so rare. We just adore ours.

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