My beautiful sunconure can not fly

by Linda aka Erkie
(Clovis, New Mexico)

I got a sunconure from a rescue site and have had her for about 8 months now...She has this habit of 'shuttering' her is really hard to describe...but I was told about a month ago that some people will break the wings of their birds so they don't fly around their house. I also have a quaker parrot who had befriended the sunconure.

They were in seperate cages (the super large ones)One day Mr. P (the Quaker) flew over and spent the whole day with Zuma (the sunconure)...Ever since that time, they have to be together..which is great since she can't fly.

I guess my biggest concern is whether or not there is anything that could be done to fix her wings. I have never seen her stretch her wings out like my other birds..all she does is to shutter them like she is cold.

We live in an extremely small town and the closest avian doctor is about 300 miles away. I feel so sad that I can't do anything for her.

Does anyone have any ideas? I would be most greatful...

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Aug 23, 2011
My beautiful sunconure can not fly
by: Linda

From one Linda to another, who in the world told you the thing about breaking wings to keep birds from flying? That is called animal cruelty, and those people need to be fined as much as the law allows for and jailed for the same. To keep a bird flying just takes a little common sense and knowing how to clip the 4-6 long primary feathers found at the bottom of each wing. Those are all that ever needs to be clipped and will keep bird from having enough lift to fly up and out. Make sure you get comprehensive instructions before ever attempting this yourself as there are instructions with pictures on the internet.

If her wings have been broken this will need to be determined with an xray. A dog and cat vet COULD do this, and I caution you to be with her every minute your bird is with them regarless of what they say. If you can handle her, then you can be the one that gets her into position for xray, and no anesthetic is needed to get a picture of the wings, so don't allow them any liberties with her because they are not licensed or trained in caring for birds. Also do not give her ANY medicine they recommend. I suggest you get xray done of both wings, call Avian Vet wherever they are, and see if you can send xrays to them so they can see if there's anything they can do for her. Problem with breaks is that if they're not taken care of immediately, bones grow the way they were broken and have to be re-broken to straighten them out which is too traumatic and painful for your bird. Avian Vet can look at xrays and see if they've been broken and if she's iikely in pain.

Keep her caged by herself as birds tend to try and kill wounded or sick birds, so make sure she is in cage by herself and other birds are in theirs.

Let us know how this goes and if anyone else tells you about the wing breaking thing, find out who they are, who they are talking about and turn them in for animal cruelty because this is the most barbaric thing I've ever heard and is NOT to keep birds from flying but to provide excitement for mentally disturbed people who torture animals and people. IT IS SICK, SICK, SICK!!!


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