My B&G macaw throws her bowls

by Ivette
(Miami, FL)

I have purchased a number of food bowls for my 1-year old B&G, but each time she seems to learn how to unscrew them or pull them out and throw them, making a huge mess especially when it is soft home-cooked food. When someone is home she wants to stay on her playstand, but I am afraid to leave her there for too long without food or water since she throws the bowls immediately.

Are there are parrot-proof bowls anywhere?

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Jan 05, 2009
B&G throwing bowls
by: Tracie

In all honesty, if she didn't have the bowl to throw, she would probably still throw the food. ;-)

I do not know of any bowls that attach to play stands that don't either drop in or screw on. The cages we sell do have bars over the bowls so that they can not be removed by the bird. They can only be removed when you swing out the feed door and take it out.

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