My B&G

by Gloria
(St. Louis, MO)

Sometimes my Blue & Gold Macaw, Bailey, goes from one foot to the other, left, right, left, right, left, right. Do you know why? Lots of times it's right before bedtime (he sleeps in my bed).
Thank you,

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Nov 26, 2012
My B&G
by: Linda

What kind of perches does he have in his cage? If he is still sitting on wooden dowel rods that came with cage, then his feet and legs hurt. Parrots should be sitting on safe wood natural branch perches the correct diameter size for their feet. Birds forced to sit on dowel rods develop arthritis in their feet and legs, and along the way to that, they have lots of foot and leg pain.

I'm also in agreement with others about sleeping with your bird. You are walking a dangerous line here, and your bird will be the one to pay. All birds need to be in their cages when darkness comes so they can rest the 12 hours they need. They need about 12 hours of darkness and quiet in which to sleep every night. If his cage rolls, move it into bedroom at night, put a light cover on cage and allow him to get the real rest he needs. Birds were not made to sleep in human beds which is why they sit on sticks.

Your choice, and I highly recommend you work something out so he can sleep in cage. If his perches need to be changed to safe wood natural branch perches, then do that. Measure inside measurements so you get the correct length and make sure overall diameter is correct for a big Macaw's feet.


Nov 25, 2012
My B&G
by: Gloria

Thank you for your answer. I do appreciate your concern about Bailey sleeping in my bed. He sleeps on the edge on one side and I sleep on the other. It's a queen size bed so we're pretty much apart. I just started back to work about a month ago and he REFUSES to get in his cage some nights. I figured he must be missing me because my hours are weird. I also thought the rocking back and forth from one leg to the other was probably from happiness. Thanks!

Nov 25, 2012
Blue and Gold alternating feet
by: Tracie

If it is only a certain time of day, then it probably is excitement or something. But I must say it is very dangerous for your bird to sleep in bed with you. I have known 2 people that accidentally killed their birds in the night and have heard of numerous other people that have rolled over on their birds.

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