My bird and a cat

my bird got attacked by a cat. my parakeet wasnt harmed but it's tail feathers are gone and so is a huge spot on it's back is gone. Will it be okay? Will the feathers grow back? How do i take care of it if it hates me?

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Oct 01, 2009
Bird attacked by a cat
by: The Vet

You must take your bird in to see a veterinarian immediately. Even if you think there was no injury, you need to take precautions. Cats have deadly bacteria on their teeth and claws and ANY exposure to birds in life threatening.

Your bird needs to be on antibiotics. The feathers will grow back in about 6 months. You will need to restrain your bird to administer treatments. I use a paper towel to capture budgies.

Dr B

Sep 30, 2009
Bird attacked by cat
by: Linda

YOU MUST TAKE YOUR BIRD TO AN AVIAN VET IMMEDIATELY OR RISK ITS DEATH! When a cat attacks a bird, it usually scratches them, and the scratches are as deadly as a bite. Your bird will need to be put on antibiotics for a while to stop infection that is already in its body.

As for bird hating you, it needs to go to an Avian Vet quickly as it is not hate you see but fear and pain.

Please keep your bird and cat apart from now on. Anytime your bird is outside its cage, cat should be outside the house or locked in another room. Cats and birds DO NOT GET ALONG, and you need not have this happen again if your bird lives. If you don't take it to the vet, it may die from infection from cat scratches, so please make appointment and get bird in as soon as you can. Just because he LOOKS okay does not mean he is IS okay.


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