My bird died... I dont know why.

by Marie-Josee
(Ontario, Canada)

I have a 7 month old green cheek conure name d Spirit. He died last night and i felt horrible. The only thing thtas making me super curious is how did he die. He didnt really have any water left in his bowl, yet my mom said she gave him some the day before, hehad a lil bit of food. the night before and the whole day yesterday, he was sleepy and calm, i think he knew his death was coming. he wqas quiet yet hes usually hyperactive. Did any of these cause his death or is ait a disease thats in the family. Also, my mom smokes in the house, could this have killed my bird or maybe was it the cold. plz give me an answer. thank u

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Oct 20, 2011
Bird died, smoke question
by: Tracie

I really sorry for your loss. Smoke is bad for their lungs and if the room is full of smoke and not vented, then it certainly will shorten the bird's life.

I honestly don't know what caused your bird's death. It could have been sick when you purchased the bird, it could have had a disease it could have been something toxic it breathed or tasted. Besides smoke, air fresheners, Teflon coated irons and ovens over heating, and all kinds of things can kill birds.

Don't beat yourself up about it. I know you feel bad.

Oct 20, 2011
My own bird (this bird)
by: Marie-Josee

I spent alot or most of the time i could with him... i regret not spending every minute by his side but i know even if hes not alive, hes still with me, riding on my shoulder everywhere i go to wipe away my tears of missing him. i want him back but i know hes gone. it all feels like a crazy nightmare and now i feel absolutelyt horrible about myself. but is it possible that nicatine can kill them?

Oct 20, 2011
Bird died
by: Tracie

The only way to know what caused your bird's death is for you to take the bird for a necropsy, sorry.

Yes, not having water will kill your bird. I am not trying to be unkind here, so please don't take this in a strong way...

You should not get another bird until you have time to spend with the bird and make sure all it's needs are cared for. These birds are meant to be in a flock, not loners. You have to become their "flock" and spend time with them.

Your bird would not have died because it got cold, as long as the bird is in the house and not in a draft.

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