my bird don't like toys

by Mary

my bird is a year old and i just got him a week ago i had to tame him they said that he was hand fed but he was mean now i can hold him but he still runs when i go near the cage when i get him out he loves for me to pet him and love on him but if he sees his cage he flies right to it and sis there looking out the window can you help out he will not play with his toys i even made a swing for him and he also has a tree to climb around in in our room but he don't like it

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Oct 03, 2009
Getting your bird to like toys
by: Tracie

Congratulations on your new bird! Your bird is probably still getting used to you and it's new home. It may not play for another week or so, depending on it's personality.

We have several training articles that will help you understand how birds are, even if you don't have the problems addressed in the articles. Please read some of the articles on our Parrot Training page.

Our Green Cheeks and like sized birds, usually like toys that they can chew and sling around. Some like toys that make sound, so toys with bells or marachas are a good choice. Just MAKE SURE you purchase toys from a store that only carries bird safe toys. Some toys have zinc and other toxic metals that will kill your bird.

For a Green Cheek sized bird, and I assume that is what you might have since you originally posted your question as a response to a Green Cheek question, provide some toys with tied rope ends, toys with noise and other shreddible toys with small wood that they can chew.

Also, make sure your bird is on a healthy pellet diet like Harrison's organic pellets. A healthy bird will live longer and be happier. Birds on an all seed or colored pellet diet will end up with fatty liver disease and other problems that will be much more expensive than purchasing healthy pellets.

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