My bird has a runny nose, should I wait for it to pass?

by Andrea Charais

I've looked up other symptoms of being sick and she only has a runny nose (plus a few pulled feathers around her eye). I think otherwise she'll by fine. But 1) Should I keep her away from her playmate? and 2) Is it okay if I try and remove some of the mucus with a Q-tip? 'Cause it crusts over and is making it hard for her to preen (plus some seed got stuck in it, yuck)?
Would it be wiser to just take her over to the vet?

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Jul 24, 2008
Runny nose
by: Anonymous

Whenwe got our Red Lored amazon Yoda he had a runny nose . We researched them and if they are exposed to a lot of feather dust the red loreds have sinus problems. We had some epsome salts added hot water to melt the salt let it cool and did a nasal wash. We treated him with avaian antibiotics that we had on hand. He was completely cleared after a few days but we kept up the treatment for one week. Completely cured. I wouldn't reccommend teatment unless you are considering a follup with an avaian vet if the condition worsens.Good luck! You never mentioned what kind of bird you have or the conditions he/she was in before the sinus problem.

Jul 24, 2008
Bird with runny nose.
by: Tracie

Hello Andrea,

I am answering for Dr. B. because I know what he always says for this.

It is very possible your bird has an infection and you need to make an Avian Vet appointment asap. Only a vet that can see the bird in person can tell for sure what is wrong.

I hope all turns out well for you and your bird.

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