My bird has a swollen wing!

by Jennifer
(North America)

I have three baby birds that where abandoned by their mother and we started to give them some baby bird food and some vitamins, because they were very weak and one of the baby birds wing has become very swollen. I f you know the problem please tell. We have stop giving vitamins to them.

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Jul 30, 2009
Baby bird with swollen wing
by: The Vet

The swelling could be from a nutritional imbalance. It is good you stopped the vitamins. What kind of birds are they?

Dr B

Jul 28, 2009
Baby Birds
by: Linda

If you are talking about baby wild birds whose Mother abandoned them, then they can be fed using baby parrot formula feeding with a syringe. Tracie has some of the handfeeding formula out here, and you would need some syringes with a tip on them so babies can have something to hold onto.

If these babies fell out of their nest, the one with the swollen wing may have broken its wing. All of them need to be seen by an Avian Vet so the baby's wing can be fixed if it is broken. Please don't wait, as this bird will never be able to fly if his wing is not taken care of.

Buy some of the baby parrot handfeeding formula for them either from here or from a pet store who sells birds. The instructions are on the package as to how much water to how much formula.Ask them where to buy the syringes with the tips. You DO NOT NEED NEEDLES, JUST THE SYRINGES.

Please find an Avian (Bird) vet in your area, so they can see all of the babies and examine them for infections and fix the one's wing.

Do not give any vitamins unless an Avian vet has prescribed them as they may poison the birds. Also, only feed them the handfeeding formula. Go ahead and feed whatever you have been feeding until you get some of the formula.

Please take the injured baby bird to an Avian vet so his wing can be fixed if it is possible. The longer you wait, the worse it will be for the bird. Wild birds need to be released back into the wild once they have been taught how to find food. If the babies just fell out of the nest, the Mother will take them back if they are carefully put back into nest. Baby birds fall out sometimes, and this is not abandonment, just an accident.

So, take the baby with the wing injury to the Avian vet immediately. You must not stop feeding them and trying to help them as they will die.

Let us know what the vet has to say.

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