My bird has dandruff

by Jimmy D

Barnabas all wet!!!

Barnabas all wet!!!

lol, well sort of.
We have a 2 year old conure and he spends a good deal of time cleaning himself and itching. When he scratches and cleans him/herself he lets off alot of dry skin. after 10 minutes of him scratching my shoulder is covered in white flakes. should i be concerned? i am considering getting a humidifier for him, and he takes baths about once or twice a week. he eats a good mixture of seed and "avian maintenance fruitblend flavor pelets". Is this a problem and is there anything i should do to stop this problem.

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Nov 20, 2017
dendruff problem
by: Nabo

MY Alexandrine parrot has too much dendrff on his body...
please tell how i can hepl him to remove his dendruff on his body?

Editor's note: Your bird should preen itself, typically the bird is getting in new feathers and the dust is due to the protective layer coming off. Some species, like African Greys, are known to have a lot of fine dust.

Aug 13, 2017
Help for my budgie
by: Leesha

Hi can someone help out my budgie is flaking all over her body she also lost her toe nails what can I do


Editor's note: Flaking is usually a sign the bird is molting, losing toe nails is NOT normal. Please get your bird to an avian vet.

Aug 09, 2015
Is there any help for dandruff
by: Anonymous

I have just got a African gray he has pink all his feathers out he don,t have any on his legs or his or under side but he. Had been,eft a long a lot with just some one coming feed her I thank she is wormer up to me but is there any thing I can do about her dundruff thank,s

Sep 28, 2010
My bird
by: Emily

My cockatiel gets heaps of dandruff, too.
I spend heaps of time blowing the white flakes off his feathers!

Jan 07, 2010
Bird Dandruff
by: Ashleigh

My cockatiel Spike, gets dandruff and its because there is new feathers coming through. Because he is a male he is changing colour so you dont need to worry! xx

Aug 22, 2009
Bird Dandruff?
by: Jenny

I've been told that birds dont get dandruff... you may be experiencing the waxy coating of the pinfeather; my bird leaves the white flakes all over my shoulder, its just from preening the newly growing feathers. I'm thinking thats probably it, unless you already know what the waxy flakes look like and what your seeing is different.

Mar 02, 2009
Suggested pellets for your bird
by: Tracie

Hello Anonymous,

Since you left your question as a comment, I can not be sure you will get the answer, but the pellets I recommend are the ones I recommended to this person whom you responded to.

Our favorite for medium to extra large birds is the Totally Organics Pellets and Seeds. We give organic Goldn'obles as a treat to our birds, they smell great because they have molasses in them.

Our vet recommends Harrison's organic pellets, and we feed those to our Budgies and our Bourke's parakeet.

If you need help getting your bird to eat pellets, then read our Switching Birds to Pellets article.

Mar 02, 2009
Same with my bird
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the tips I was a bit worried about my bird. She is two as well. She is a white bellied caquie. I love her so much! We are trying to find her healthier pellets because a bird trainer told us that mixes with lots of sunflower seeds are not good for the bird. They'd be like french fries to us. Do you recommend any particular brand or type. Please write back. Thanks!

May 20, 2008
Bird dandruff
by: Tracie

Your bird is probably molting, so the dandruff will not last forever. A humidifier is good and the baths too. :-)

Artificially dyed pellets are not healthy for birds. All the artificial dyes and vitamins are hard on their kidneys and other organs. I would suggest you look into healthier pellets.

We prefer Totally Organics Pellets and Seeds or Goldenfeast Goldn'obles , but The Vet suggests Harrison's.

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