My bird has pluvcked out all of its wing feathers

by Terri
(T"oledo, OH)

Mt bird has pulled out all of it's wing feathers. It was in it's cage longer than normal yesterday due to business of the household. Could this be a sign that it's mad about being in the cage too long.

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Sep 24, 2012
Bird plucked out wing feathers
by: The Avian Vet

Yes, this could be the cause. However, I recommend that you have him examined by an avian veterinarian in case something else is the cause or if there are problems caused from pulling them out. What kind of bird is this? How old is your bird?

Dr B
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Sep 24, 2012
All wing feathers plucked
by: Anonymous

If your bird has never done this before, I would first make sure it doesn't have any infection or physical ailment rather than a behavioral problem. It's very likely it was upset that you weren't there or it was bored. My bird used to pluck her chest to the point of mutilation and I feared she would bleed to death because of it. When I leave the house during the day I put the radio on for her. If I have to leave the house after her bedtime, I leave the TV on so she thinks we're still there. Her wounds have healed and she hasn't plucked in quite a while so I think I must be doing something right. Her cage door is open all the time when I'm home. The only time it's closed is when I leave the house and at bedtime. She has lots of bird toys but chooses to play with teaspoons (weirdo) but it keeps her busy so she doesn't pluck anymore.

Sep 24, 2012
Bird plucked its feathers
by: D. Singh

Hi There,

It seems as though your bird was really stressed I think, maybe because he or she was not acustommed being caged for so long. Parrots especially, don't like to be caged up for any length of time else they can get very bored. They like interacting with people especially if they don't have any company of their own. They like love and attention and if there are no other birds around they can get extremely lonely. They may also think that you don't love them anymore and feel very sad so they'll pluck their feathers. If you can't be with your bird often enough or if your home is huge and you're in another part of the house leave the television set on so your bird can at least see and hear something. Shows like Sesame Street or some other children show is great companion for birds. They can also learn to talk a lot from watching those shows; they're just like little children you know. I've an Orange Winged Amazon Parrot,he is four years old, a Cockatiel and a Budgie. Their cages are in my living room and they've their own 23 inches TV which is on from the time I'm up on mornings until they're ready to sleep. My TV is in MY bedroom but during the day I watch some shows together with them and they're out of their cages. They're in their cages only when they eat, play with their toys and sleep. My Parrot talks very good and if I'm going out I'll tell him where I'm going; when I'm going shopping I say to him Mummy going shopping. From the time he sees me dressing now he says mummy going shopping. When I'm walking out the door I say bye bye see you later and he says bye bye see you later. When I return and he hears my key opening the front door he says hello, hello I'm back honey, did you miss me. Only when I'm going out I lock them in their cages. I'm very sure that my three birds are very happy. In the Summer I take them in the park in a childs wagon. I bought a Roadmaster Wagon and a cage with a top that looks like a the roof of a house; the cage fits perfectly inside the wagon. I then made a cloth to cover the roof so the sun won't affect them and they sit in the cage together and we all go to the park. I treat my birds like children and they eat some foods with me at the table in their own plates. Treat your birds nice, they're so precious and loving they need to be NOT caged up too often. They're already in a home that they can't get out so don't keep them in a cage too. Let them have some freedom to fly about in your home but make it safe for them to fly without hurting themselves. They'll be happy and God will bless you for keeping them happy. If you do take my advice your bird will be very happy and will also stop plucking.Take care and God bless!

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