My bird is a black cap conure and is bald

by Norma
(central falls RI)

a friend gave me a bla k cap conure bird and is very bold on the chest and back

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Aug 08, 2011
My bird is a black cap conure and is bald
by: Linda

The first thing you need to do is have this bird examined by an Avian Vet in your driving area. The reason for this is you have to rule out physical issues before proceeding with a change in diet or other ideas.

The chest can be picked by the bird itself, while the back was done by another bird. This happens sometimes when females are being overbred. Breeding birds too much like more than twice a year causes their bodies to start to decline. It takes a lot of calcium and other nutrients to form eggs not to mention raising babies, so once the female gets sick, the other birds around her will start to pick at her and will eventually kill her which is probably why you got the bird in the first place.

Your bird needs to be eating a high quality organic pellet like Harrison's Hi Potency to help get her built back up. It takes time to make a change from seed diet to the pellets and here is article written by Avian Vet on how to go about it for maximum results:

Switching Birds To Pellets article

Do not make any dietary changes until she is examined by an avian vet, and do get the food and get started as soon as is possible. Harrisons' is carried here, and she will need the Hi Potency in the correct grind for her size. If you have any problems with that write back.

Once she has been examined, diagnosed and treated by an avian vet, then you can begin to change her over to the pellets. Your bird most likely is run down plus has an infection. I had a gold cap conure who came to me like your bird is. She had been bred for over three years over and over and over until she was almost featherless and sick. She was given to me, and it takes a while to bring them back up like possibly a year or more, so do be patient.

Here is another article about feather plucking that could be of interest:

Feather Damaging Behavior article

She also needs a roomy cage with safe natural branch wood perches for her feet and some wood chew toys appropriate for her size. It sounds like she has been neglected, and thank you so much for being willing to work with her. She will become a wonderful, intelligent, sensitive friend to you, and your work will be rewarded times 10 or more. Birds are very docile, loving souls who need people who understand them and love them to help them stay happy and healthy. Work on her health, and you'll be surprised one day with a beautiful fully feathered bird ready to be your best friend!


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