My bird is changing colour

I have a 10 month old Parakeet who was completely blue when I first got her in August at 4 months of age. Recently in the past 2 months she has started to get grey spots through out her body. I took her to the vet last month and she wasn't sure of what might be causing the greyness. She did say that my parakeet was lacking vitamins and minerals in her diet so I bought a mineral block and vitamin supplement to put in her water.

The vet said to wait three months and her colour should go back to normal. It's been one month now and she seems to be getting more grey and it seems to be getting darker. Other than her colour change, she is completely normal. She's eating properly, her feces are normal, she chirps and sings and shes responsive. I am worried that the grey might mea shes internally ill or something because her vet said this colour change was very unusual. Please advise me as to what might be making her change her colour.

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Mar 05, 2009
Bird changing color
by: The Vet

Don't put vitamins in the water. This is gong to cause more problems than it will help. Your bird needs to eat a balanced diet to get the proper nutrition it needs.

The best thing to feed is pellets. There are many choices, Harrison's and Roudybush pellets are the best ones.

As for the color change, it is likely nutritionally related but other things can cause this too, including genetics. If the diet change does not work, then you need to have your veterinarian do some diagnostic to determine of your bird is ill.

If you need help switching to pellets, please read my Switching Birds to Pellets article.

Dr. B

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