My bird is loosing skin

by Maria G.
(Elizabeth, nj, usA)

Hello good afternon, I am concerned about my african grey, she's loosing white skin, what can I do to help her.

Thank you, Maria

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Jun 22, 2009
Powder Down Feathers
by: Linda

Maria, your African Grey has what is called Powder Down Feathers, and the Cockatoos and Cockatiels also have these kinds of feathers. The feathers exude white material that coats their cages, toys and perches. This white powder is normal for this type of bird.For people with any kind of breathing problems these birds will make them much worse.

If you have not taken your bird to Avian vet for a checkup, please do so now. When they change homes, their immune systems become compromised, and they can be harboring infection that has not shown up yet.I think I understand what you are talking about, and bird could actually be sick, so take him into the Avian vet for a few tests to make sure he is well. Diet is also very important for skin and feather production. If he is a seed eater, consider starting to change him over to an organic pelleted diet like Harrison's which Tracie carries out here. Only feed the recommended veggies with this diet, and use no vitamins or mineral supplements as this food is a complete diet. Their Birdy Bread mix is also delicious, and get the Organic Red Palm Oil to put in it which Tracie also carries out here. It calls for two eggs, so separate the yolks and whites and only put in the egg whites to keep fat and cholesterol down for your bird. A fat parrot is a very unhealthy parrot.

Have the vet check for internal and external parasites as well, as any of these problems can make the shedding worse.


Jun 22, 2009
African Greys
by: Anonymous

No, Maria, don't worry. African Greys have white powder down that comes from the sheaths of their feathers. All Greys have this powdery white down. Your Grey will always have it. Cockatiels and Cockatoos also have that powder dander. They should have told you about this when you purchased or rescued your Grey. Buy yourself a book about Greys. A good one is "For the Love of Greys" by Bobbi Brinker. The more you know, the better bird parent you will be! Good luck with your Grey!!

Jun 22, 2009
Bird dandruff
by: Tracie

Your bird is producing dandruff, it sounds like. This is for the most part normal. Most people purchase bird safe air cleaners to keep the dander down in the room.

You can bathe your bird every day, and that will help a lot. Many people like to use Avi-x Bird Rain to help with this problem.

When you take your bird to your avian vet, mention to them your concerns, in case your bird has a problem.

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