My bird is shaking

by Heather M
(California )

My green cheek conure is shaking , her tail feathers are pointing down. I put her in a tub with a small amount of warm water. she didn't like it ,she kept trying to get out but I kept putting her back in after a few seconds I took her out . Should I be worried is she hurt?

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Feb 19, 2012
Bird shaking after a forced bath
by: Tracie

Ahhh, so now you are being clear about the circumstances. Yes, you scared the bird and the bird may not trust you for a while. Birds should not be forced to bathe. Again, please read our training material on our Parrot Training page for help in developing a relationship of trust with your bird.

You can put a shallow dish in the bird cage for an hour every day and see if the bird will take a bath on it's own, or you can mist your bird from high above the bird, so you don't scare the bird.

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