My bird likes my girlfriend more

by James

We just got a conure like a month ago and the bird is crazy for my girlfriend. He gets paranoid when he is on my shoulder and will jump off of me onto the ground in order to walk to her(when she is in the room... when she isn't around he likes me a lot more). She has become attached and the bird will let her do so many things, like rub its belly, and hug it..

The bird will sit on my shoulder and stuff, but won't ever let me pet its neck, unless it is about to fall asleep. If my 2nd hand(not the hand holding it) goes anywhere near him/her the bird will freak out and run or jump...

She says that birds will usually like women a lot faster than they like men, is this true? I try to spend lots of time doing normal things with it, but am getting anxious to make it like me more.

What should I do, I have probably spent the same amount of time with the bird as her, but it just doesn't like me nearly as much as her.

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Aug 22, 2009
Not necessarily...
by: Jenny

I got my bird for my finace at about 1.5 years old. She was really attached to the man in the previous place and now she is completely attached to me (the woman, and not the bird person). As tracie said, treats are good. As I type, she is sitting on my fiances shoulder and he's feeding her a chewed piece of popcorn off his tongue. She looks pretty content. She's now done, and of course returned to me. Things like that do help the relationship though, she doesnt bite him much anymore. I've been told that birds tend to form a major attachment to only one person out of the two, although I'm not sure if thats true.

Feb 12, 2008
RE: my bird likes my girlfriend more
by: Anonymous

Birds often like the oppasite sex more.

Feb 11, 2008
Bird likes someone more than you
by: Tracie

Hello James,

You can not ever know who the bird will prefer at any given time in their life. That is a fact!

The bird may prefer your girlfriend now and you next month and then back to your girlfriend again.

Let me first say that it is NOT true that birds like women more than men. I am the bird person in our household and all the birds prefer my husband to me. :-( Only one bird is completely happy to be with me in fact. But that bird still prefers my husband.

I really wanted our Conures to like me, so I have been very patient and sharing lots of treats with them to win their favor. Now they tolerate me and rarely bite me, but they still prefer my husband and daughter over me. I am the one with them all day long, so there is not any logic to this situation.

I suggest that you be the one to give the bird special treats. This will at least cause the bird to want to be around you to get the treats.

Also, concentrate on the bird's body language and try to respect it's wishes. Giving the bird respect will give your relationship a strong leg to stand on. If the bird knows that you are going to love it and still give it treats it will come to like you eventually.

Then, once the bird lets you, for instance, rub it's belly quickly without nipping you, then give it lots of praise and a treat. Try to always arrange the situation so that the bird wins.

When the bird does nip or bite you, gently and sweetly say "nooooo" in a calm low voice and put the bird up without a treat and leave the room for a moment.

The most important thing for the relationship is trust. Don't ever lash out at the bird, keep your self control. One time I lashed out at my Mom's Hahn's Macaw and that bird NEVER forgave me. I was soooo sorry I lost my patience with that bird when he bit me really hard.

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