my bird only layed one egg

by jamzin
(carnis, qld, Australia)

I have a male and a female sun conure. the female has layed her fist egg (1) I was wondering if it is normally to only have one egg and do you think because it is her fist time laying will it survive.
thank you

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Nov 18, 2014
Laying of Eggs
by: John Fahlsing

I have several species of birds including, Sun Counures, Love Birds, and the yes so plentiful, Cockatieles. (just to name a few). First time Goldie, Conure laid and egg it was a loner for about three days, then 1 more then 1 more. Same with the tiels, sometimes 1 egg for days and then i'll find 6 total in a few days. Have fun, send pix of the babies. Nothing to worry about, as in all parenthood it takes some practice and some good eating, extra weight, The only problem I found is if my males want to keep mating they have a tendency to kill the eggs to make her 'put out again'. Its normal, yes, but I always remove the male to safe distance until she hatches, raises them up, then introduce him to them again. I do keep them in the same area so he can hear whats going on thoough.

Nov 17, 2014
First time laying an egg
by: Tracie

Sometimes birds only lay one egg.

There is no telling if it will even hatch.

There is no way of knowing if it will survive. If you have no knowledge or experience with breeding birds, there is less of a chance for survival if the parents try to kill the bird or don't feed the bird and you have no clue what to do.

My hope is that the egg will not hatch and you will get help from an experienced breeder, along with your birds getting examined by an avian vet, before allowing them to breed again.

Find an experienced breeder in your area that you can help. Learn by helping with their birds, feeding babies etc. Having that relationship and experience is invaluable.

Make sure your birds are healthy and ready for breeding. Your hen should be eating a high quality pellet diet, like Harrison's, or she may become egg bound.

Don't take all of the above in a negative way. I am simply typing my opinions. These things may save the lives of your babies and the hen.

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