my bird regurgitates its food

by stacey anderson
(adelaide sa)

Recently my peach faced love bird has picked up a bad habit of regurgitate its food on to stick. why is my bird doing this and what can we do stop from doing this?

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Feb 11, 2008
Bird regurgitating is normal
by: Site Editor

Hello Stacey,

I decided to answer this instead of sending it to the Vet.

It is very normal for a bird to regurgitate it's food and there is not a thing you can do about it. It is built into them to do this.

Birds will regurgitate for other birds and people they like. Gross I know, but just be glad it is not a large Macaw. They really bring up a lot of food to leave on you! LOL

Your bird must really like the toy(s) it is regurgitating on. Our Budgies do this to toys and mirrors. They miss the mark a lot because our wall behind the cage is covered in dried regurgitated food!

Just be satisfied that your bird is happy. You would rather your bird love it's toys than be depressed and inactive wouldn't you?

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