my bird sleeps upsidedown now is that normal

by jordan
(victoria bc canada)

i have a 2 year old senegal Female I think. i recently moved her cage and now she sleeps upside down and she has never done that befor.i dont know if thats wierd or normal?
And should a birds cage be close to a window for sunlight?What is the best way to tell if your bird is Healthy?

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Jun 19, 2016
Totally normal
by: Anonymous

My senegal parrot sleeps upside down almost every night. His cage is in front of a window and he is happier than a pig in shit. It's totally normal and a healthy behavior for them to sleep upside-down.

Sep 25, 2011
so does mine
by: Anonymous

I'm do glad I saw your question. I thank the others re: their answers. My girl (Eden) does not like her cage. I will find something different.

Sep 08, 2010
Senegal: on sleeping upside down

When I start covering her cage for sleep at night, my female senegal also climbs to the top of ceiling of her cage and hangs upside down. The cage has always been in the same place and she has always done this. Usually, when I check upon her later in the evening, she is back on her perch and sleeping. However, not always, and then I carefully pick her up and settle her on the perch. She allows this. I do this because I am afraid that in sleep she may let go and fall down or that she maybe does not sleep at all...
Your comment appreciated.

Feb 26, 2010
Bird sleeping habits
by: The Avian Vet

It is not uncommon for bird to lay on their back. However, at night, when he ?goes to bed?, he should be on a perch. If he is not, then you need to rethink how you have his cage set up, maybe. What size is his cage? What perches are in his cage? Where in his cage does he sleep on his back? Does he hang upside down from the top of the cage to sleep? He may not like where his cage is located. Where is his cage? What time do you turn out the lights?

Sunlight through a window gives bright light, but the glass filters the UV and does not benefit your bird. You need to give him a full spectrum light.
He will be able to see better, he will be more active and eat better, and his feathers will be healthier and more beautiful. The UV light also helps nutritionally by converting D3 in the skin.

Sitting a cage near a window is OK, if the bird can get out from in front of the window and feel safe from what is outside. Cats, hawks, etc. could come up to the window and startle him.

The best way to tell if a bird is healthy is to take him to the avian veterinarian annually for check ups and vaccines. You cannot look at a bird and tell if it is healthy. Feather quality is a good indicator, but birds hide signs of illness very well. To prevent health problems: feed a pellet diet, like Harrison's, that is 80% of the diet, feed fresh food treats, use a water bottle not a bowl, provide foraging opportunities, provide a variety of perches especially natural branches, bungie rope, and a pedicure perch (which is where he should be sleeping), and see a veterinarian annually for check ups and vaccines.

Dr B

Feb 24, 2010
my bird sleeps upsidedown now is that normal
by: Linda

Jordan, your bird may not like where you put the cage and has caused the upside down sleeping.

There is no benefit to being close to a window, other than being able to see outside, and birds can get a chill from air coming through unless you have double paned windows. Too much heat from sun is also dangerous.

Your bird needs full spectrum lighting. The light coming from the window does not have the full spectrum of colors birds and other animals need to grow and be healthy. Even sunlight is nothing more than heat. Plants can grow by being placed near a window because they only need the red, blue and yellow of the color spectrum while your bird needs all the colors. Make sure your bulbs are authentic full spectrum lights. Vitalight and Ott make some good ones, and the ones you find at home depot and lowe's are just simulated full spectrum and not the real thing, so do not use them except for light in house and/or bird room.

So, if your bird is showing no discomfort, you may wish to leave him where he is. Birds do like to look out a window to see what is going on out there, but they do not need to be sitting directly next to a window because of drafts. Birds can see very well, so they don't need to be all that close.

Thanks for writing,

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