My Bird - what is it?

by Vickie
(New Bosto9n, Texas)

I was just given a parrot and iI would like to know what type it is

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Oct 28, 2010
It looks like a...
by: Jay

It looks like a nanday conure to me. Yes, it is a poor picture, but it shows picture, green body, black head, red legs. Also the body shape and size fit the nanday.

Conure Information

Nanday story

Oct 27, 2010
Bird type
by: Anonymous

Your bird is a nanday conure, my brother owns 2 of them and they can be very noisy.

Oct 26, 2010
My Bird - what is it?
by: Linda

He looks like an Indian Ringneck though picture is not very clear. You need to take him to an Avian Vet so he can be tested for infections or parasites or other physical problems. Birds do not get over illness without the help of an Avian(bird) Vet, so go ahead and get him checked out.

Moving is stressful for birds, and it is normal for some of them to become ill from all the stress, so before working with him or doing any training, make sure he has a clean bill of health from a licensed Avian Vet in your driving area.

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