My Bird With Her Noisy Attitude

by Dani gwizdala
(Covington, Indiana)

I have a five year old Sun Conure. Her beauty is totally opposite to her attitude. She has a problem with not being quiet when wanted. No matter how much I tell her to be quiet she wont.

She knows how to say her name, Peanut. When she starts constantly squawking I tell her to be quiet and she doesn't so I yell at her to be quiet. For what I expect is for her own enjoyment she screeches her name as loud as she can.

I recommend that before you get a bird you need t get some books on how they can be. I have read that you need to check with close by neighbors if it is okay to get a bird that might be noisy. You should have a house medium to large or an apartment large enough for plenty of space to move around in.

Before you get a bird when you live in an apartment you should always look at your lease to make sure you can have a bird. If it does not mention birds you need to call your landlord to make sure it is OK.

I have had two birds. My first bird was a Cockatiel. His name was Tweety. He said many different things. He was twelve years old when he died. I was devastated when that happened.

I was determined to find a new bird. I found many sites but none of them were the ones I was looking for. One day when I walked over to the store I saw a picture of a Sun Conure and under that it said free and the number. I ran home and called the owner and found out that the bird's name was Peanut, she said her name, and did not bite.

I went over to the owners house and the first look at the bird I thought to myself this was meant to be. That is how I got my bird.

I failed to ask if the bird has squawking problems and that was my problem because indeed she has squawking problems. I tell you from personal experience to always know every little bit of information about the bird you are wanting to purchase

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Feb 20, 2011
Noisy Conures, or any Bird!
by: Anonymous

I agree with most read here. I have over 35 years of in and out experience with "Parrots".
It has been my discovery that the bird is only communicating. If you will ignore the squawking, screaming, knowing the bird is healthy and has food, they will soon learn the vocals are not getting them anywhere.

Also remember you mat want him/her to talk so vocals "are" important, just the right kind.
usually once the bired learns a word or two we often resond to them when they talk and the quickly learn that the mimmicing gets them more attention than anything and hence, the squawking will sease!!!!

Infant children cry when something is wrong, they're hungry, or unhappy. once they learn to crawl and talk alittle, that usually gives way to another form of communication i.e. talking.

You bought a "bird", which to us squawks when he wants something. Be patient and he/she will soon learn our method of vocalization and less of their own.

Jan 25, 2010
Green Checks are VERY Quiet
by: Atiqa

Hi you should consider a green check conure they are the smallest conures and alos very very quiet.
Tweets are low and not all the time not at all like the sun conures too much noise my neighbor has one .

I have a green check and no one even knew i had a bird.

Jul 07, 2009
Start thinking like a bird!
by: David S.

I have a male Sun Conure, so I know how loud they can be. Understand that all flock birds squawk as a means of locating other flock members in the wild. Remember too, that you are a member of your Sun's flock, and he will call out loudly when you leave the room. Your bird will also call out when he wants attantion, or is bored. When you are home with him, let him out of his cage. If the cage has a playtop, your Sun will amuse himself for quite some time. If you don't have a playtop, I suggest purchasing a seperate, inexpensive playtop with ladders to climb, a swing or rope to swing on, and a cup or two for treats and water.

Most importantly, you need to provide consistant, gentle, daily interactions with your Sun. Time that you spend talking to, holding and cuddling with your bird will go a long way towards keeping him quiet and calm, and make your relationship with him more pleasant and satisfying. NEVER EVER Yell at your bird. If you yell, he will yell back - it's their nature. If you are calm and deliberate with your bird, he will mirror your behavior. A screaming bird is no different than a screaming child - screaming back at them simply makes matters worse. Instead, go to the cage, talk to your Sun, and interact with him. I think you will find that his screaming stops, and your loving relationship will grow. After all, that's why you got a companion parrot in the first place!

Oct 02, 2008
Its easy to fix
by: Anonymous

I have 2 sun conures, 5 and 3.5 years old. I know what is like when one starts yelling let alone two. You have to understand that they are squaking for a reason. If they want attention and you can't provide it at the time, turning on the radio works sometimes but not always. All sunnies go through a phase. My male sunny squaked his beautiful head off constantly until he turned 4 and wisened up a little bit. He's quite now. My female sun is now going through the same phase. Yours might just be doing the same. Like everybody's been saying, DONT YELL BACK!. In the wild, the loudest bird is usually the flock leader, and your bird may take your yelling as a challenge. Also, if this is no the case, birds are like pestering kids. They want to provoke a response. My green cheek loved pinching until I stopped pulling my hand away, no response from me=not fun for him any more.

Sep 11, 2008
by: Anonymous

You should go on the internet and read about how to stop a squaking bird.
maybe you should do something to entertain her even more like give her anew food, or more toys, and maybe let her out more often to keep her entertained,
If that doesnt work maybe getting another bird might help.
Then your bird would have a companion and not think about squaking so much.

Mar 13, 2008
Don't Yell at Her
by: Anonymous

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that by yelling at her, you're encouraging the behavior. She's looking for a reaction, any reaction, and when you give it, it serves as reinforcement, which means she thinks that by doing that behavior(screaming) she'll be rewarded. Especially if you yell at her. When you yell at her, it seems to her that you're joining in her game. She thinks that you are screaming with her, not at her.

Instead, to discourage this behavior, ignore her when she's screaming and give her no attention. If she really, really won't stop, put her back in the cage, cover it, and turn out the lights. When she stops yelling, wait 10 or 15 minutes, then go get her. Thanks for listening and I hope this helps!

Feb 11, 2008
noisy sun conure
by: Anonymous

I've had a sun conure for two years and i've found putting them on a schedule three times a day for at least fifteen to thirty minutes at a time will greatly reduce their noise...but beware... those little devils know what time it is... and will let you know...

Feb 10, 2008
Yelling - not so good
by: Anonymous

Be careful not to yell at your bird for screeching, as much as it may annoy you but if you think of it this way, if your yelling at her, she thinks that your trying to communicate with her, as her flock would in the wild, so she squawks louder again to keep up with you. Say "no" or something in a stern (but no so loud) voice,or you could try ignoring her.

Nov 17, 2007
by: Anonymous

You provide some good information in your story. Thank you for sharing. Please know that the more you talk back or yell at your bird to be quiet, the more she will squawk, as she is being reinforced by your yelling back. In the wild, birds call and yell to each other, so in her mind, she is being normal, and you are calling back to her and responding to her in her own communication system. She will not understand that she is doing something that you do not want. I applaud your recommendation to read as much as you can and to learn all you can about your birds. Please consider learning more about other things you can do to decrease the yelling (like encouraging play, providing foraging activities, bathing more often since conures generally LOVE water, and providing more social time & attention from you when she happens to be quiet). Sun conures are beautiful, but do have a high screechy voice! Thanks for sharing.

Nov 15, 2007
I can deal with it
by: Anonymous

If you don't want her, I'd love to have a sun conure...

Nov 14, 2007
Nosy Birds
by: Anonymous

good story i have a sun conure, jenday, 2 austalian roseilas, 4 lovebirds, 4 cockateils,and 4 parakeets. when i want them to be quiet i put on the tv or na bit of music. i found out they like watching tv and hearing music.

Oct 25, 2007
Not all Conures Squawk but are loud
by: Anonymous

I also have a sun conure that can be loud but only screeches when necessary.

Is your bird in an area where she can see people? They hate to be alone. Does your bird spend a lot of time alone? These can all be factors in why she is squawking. These birds are much more intelligent than a Cockatiel. They will get bored and lonely very easy and quickly. Leave her directly in front of tv when not at home and alternate with a radio. Switch up toys frequently by the week and add a new one monthly.

Speak to her like a person. Walk away when she squawks.

Oct 22, 2007
very good information
by: Anonymous

This is the kind of comment people need to read before selecting a bird companion, which should be a permanent commitment. A lot of regret can be avoided by researching in advance.

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