My it a baby parrot or lovebird

by Sara

Me and my family had found a bird. It is small and has a banner around the foot.(so it was ONCE a pet of someones & legal in the U.S.A). It (idk if its a female or male)has yellow,green,blue, and tourqoise feathers. It has a peach color patch of feathers by the beak. The tip of the beak has a green tint and the bird has rather large eyes like that of a lovebird. We had put it in the cage with our 3 parakeets and it had attacked mainly the males. Then moved on to our only female. At first it looked like it wanted the swing that the female was on but then the fight escalated where the bird would grab the females banner and make her squack. Then we had to take the banners off the feet of the parakeets. Is this bird a mean baby parrot or a lovebird?

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Jan 04, 2009
New bird - what kind?
by: Tracie

Hello Sara,

We can't tell you what kind of bird you have without seeing the bird. Please look at the pictures on our Parrot Profiles page.

You need to keep this bird separate from your other birds for at least 30 days and take it to see an avian vet for a check up.

This bird may never be able to get along with the other birds. It may need to live in a separate cage, but you can keep the cage next to the other birds for company.

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