by juhi

i have 2 indian ringnecks really sweet...almost one yr old having them for abt 9 mnths now...they r really sweet and cuddly they like being scratched..but one of them is always screeching as if he is hurt and sometimes the other one too follows the suit....he goes on and on....the moment i go in front of him he stops screeching i know he just wants attention...i do play with my birds a lot..i have provided them with lot of toys to keep them busy but they get bored really soon...theyll justplay for few mins...he wnts me to be in front of him alwys i tried ignoring his screeches but that didnt help he gets worse....i love my birds a lot and they love me too but they are killing me with their loud screeching... pls help..

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Nov 06, 2008
Screeching birds
by: Tracie

It is sometimes difficult to figure out why birds do this. All I know is written in the article below, I hope you can figure it out.

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