My birds throwing his food

by Paula
(Australia )

My rainbow lorikeet is throwing his food bowl with his bird mix in it, every time I refill it he throws it away. I don't know what to do??? What do I do and why is he doing it???

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Oct 28, 2014
Response to Lorykeet tipping food dish
by: Anonymous

The dishes I use for my Rainbow Lory are a heavy pottery, too heavy for my Rainbow Lory to tip over. I like that material, because the finish is smooth and shiny. When I wash them, they come out super clean and since I re-do his food once in morning when he gets up and once at noon or 1:00 PM, I feel they do a good job, since their suceptible to bacteria, and their food can't be out more than 4 hours.

May 04, 2014
Bird vomiting
by: Dee

Do not forget Lories are nector eaters. They require a specialized diet. Your bird could be throwing up for a number of reasons, bacterial problem, damaged crop, etc. You don't mention if you bird is pooping regularly. Is your bird drinking enough? You don't want your bird to become dehydrated. Does your bird have a source smell to its breath? Take your bird to an qualified avian vet as soon as possible

Feb 06, 2014
Bird throwing food
by: Tracie

If this is new behavior, then you should have the bird checked by an avian vet. The bird may be feeling bad and has no way of communicating it's frustration for how it feels.

If this is a new bird, then it may just be an attention getting behavior or acting out because it is upset it was taken from it's previous environment.

Please use this Find an Avian Vet link to find an avian vet for your bird so it can be examined to determine if there is a health issue.

If you feel it is a behavioral problem, then I suggest you check out

One Day Miracles bird training!

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